OSCE experts: Bebenin committed suicide

Two independent forensic experts OSCE, which investigated the case of death of the Belarusian journalist Oleg Bebenina, confirmed that the cause of his death was a suicide by hanging.

Here is the text of the conclusions of experts, which is served in today's OSCE press release:

"Documented inspection of the scene, gathered at the scene objects, the results of surveys and analyzes of the collected material does not give reason to doubt the documented findings and conclusions of the investigation.

In its assessment, the experts noted some specific areas of possible further technical analysis, which can be taken into account by the relevant Belarusian authorities.

Oral evidence included in the case file in including from relatives, friends and colleagues, did not yield any additional facts or evidence.

According to experts, the results vskrytstsya and evidence gathered at the scene, clearly show that the cause of death was suicide by hanging.

Evaluation and analysis by experts is that based on the evidence and information available to them, they concluded that the cause of death was suicide by hanging. According to experts, there is no reason to believe that Mr. Bebenina hanged after death. "

Press release informs that one expert was from Norway and the other from Sweden, but did not report their names.

The mandate that the experts have to work in Belarus, did not allow them to conduct a separate investigation, and only to test and evaluate the materials investigation conducted Belarusian side.

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