Pacific Ocean began to emit blue light

July 16, 2012 15:44

The glow of the water in the Pacific Ocean.  Photo: Steve SkinnerAt midnight, when all around is dark, one of the most popular beaches in California surfers waves began to create an eerie blue glow — this unusual phenomenon was able to capture the photographer Steve Skinner.

This writes The Daily Mail, reports Newsru.

"I have seen this phenomenon before, but it has never been so bright. Besides, the last time the glow was a dull green color, in the same time it was incredibly fascinating, "- said Skinner newspaper.

According to him, he lives on the coast and often spends shooting here, but the last he made the most unique shots.

However, such phenomena in the California beach happened before. The locals call it a bioluminescent glow ocean surf "red tide" — in this color, it turns out, is painted in the afternoon wave.

With stirring, the phytoplankton, a chemical reaction that causes the blue glow of the surf, the website Artrea.

Happy surfers ride the waves of red, and at night the water is blue. A natural phenomenon is a consequence of the movement of algae at a time when a wave breaks and forms a white foam. At that moment, a flash of light visible shining.

At the same time, scientists warn that at this time several toxic algae and swimming in this water threatens some inconveniences. However, surfing even in unusual circumstances, as a rule, can be very secure.

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