Paul turned Levinov PEC Chairperson

According to the complaint Vitebsk human rights activist Andrei Markov Chairman excluded from the election commission number 35 on the First District. CEC recognizes that the formation of the commission was held in violation of the electoral law.

Levinov Paul said that he had received a response to his complaint to the CEC abuse in the formation of the district committee, which was trying to get himself.

If Mr. Levinau there have not included, held trial complaints by citizens who nominated him. During the trial Levinov drew attention the fact that the commission number 35 are the same person allegedly advised him and Deputy Director of the company "Vitebskhlebprom" Andrei Markov.

According to Paul Levinau, it was already clear violation of the law: signatures for nomination Markov should invalidate only because they were collected later — and every citizen can recommend only one representative in the electoral commission. Later, Paul walked Levinov apartments listed on the signature sheets for the nomination Markovski, and found that at least two citizens of their signatures were not given at all, raspisavshysya only for the nomination of Paul Levinau. Their statements defender and put the letter in the CEC.

In the written response received, the CEC conducted a field audit on these facts, says Paul Levine. But human rights activist stressed that to him personally no one spoke. Nevertheless The chairman of the commission ruled.

Now Paul Levinov waiting for a response from the District Prosecutor's May Day. He served there for to find and punish the guilty of forgery and violation of election laws.



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