Pensions in Belarus at 2.3 times the subsistence wage for pensioners

January 17, Minsk / Correspondent. Learned /. In Belarus, the average size of pensions assigned the labor, employment and social protection, in December last year amounted to Br584, 7 thousand, BelTA learned from the National Statistics Committee.

This 2.3-fold increase over the cost of living for pensioners (in accordance with the Council of Ministers of the BPM for pensioners in prices in September 2010, based on one month from 1 November 2010 to 31 January 2011, the amounts to Br252, 2 thousand) .

The average size of old-age pension in December 2010 amounted to Br612, one thousand, disability — Br532, 7 thousand, Survivors — Br356, 4 thousand average social pension amounted to Br244, three thousand

The real size of pensions (calculated taking into account changes in consumer prices for goods and services) in December 2010 compared with December 2009, increased by 23.9% compared to November 2010 decreased by 1%.

According to statistical data, registered in the labor, employment and Social Protection of Belarus made 2 million 468.9 thousand pensioners.

One can only rejoice level of social security pensioners and elderly people in Belarus and wish that it would have lasted as long as possible. But here in the fraternal countries, the situation is worse. What do the young generation? To rely on themselves and work hard. Remove all confounding factors and engage in self-improvement, such as losing weight — great. In order to decide and implement this Idea need staying power, and the will, which would be very useful in the future.

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