People are afraid of the new Apocalypse 21-22 September 2012


More recently, scientists have found another possible cause of the end of the world — namely, the crack in the sun. No, the star does not break into pieces and the world of the apocalypse, of course, will not, but the strongest magnetic storms are inevitable, experts say.

August 31, 2012 at the Sun was recorded a giant flare that caused a magnetic storm on the planet. The cloud of hot plasma, more like a firestorm, rose at a rate of 5.2 million km / h on hundreds of thousands of kilometers above the surface of the star. This is one of the biggest releases of the plasma in the year. And this time, this time managed to get a rare spectacular shots of this phenomenon.

Over the internet immediately flew predictions numerologists, claiming that on the day of peak solar activity, which will fall on September 22, there will be a quantum flash. As a result, over the next weeks, followed by irreversible changes. Electronics and power system will be ruined without electricity will remain a large part of the population of our planet.

About the impending disaster earth scientists said in a report entitled "Threats to space weather: the social and economic consequences." The document says that the Sun in late September 2012 will a series of powerful solar flares. Unrest in the sun will lead to an unprecedented release of hot gases. On Earth, the flash "strikes" the magnetosphere and disconnect all power system.

Scientists promise that before the coming of planet-wide blackout, humans will be able to observe the phenomenon, very similar to the aurora borealis. After the glow disappears, there will be a power outage. Disabling will be accompanied by sparks and electric shocks. For a couple of minutes, "salute" come over and "end of the world."

The death of the inhabitants of the earth from solar flares is unlikely. Scientists say with certainty that no one will die. But the consequences of the "end of the world" do not die or even tens of thousands of people. After all off transformers stop functioning water and gas supply. To replace the transformers need new — stocks certainly are, but to restore the light does not turn out all right. Because the need to build new factories and plants — and without electricity they do not work.
The last time such a solar flare observed in 1859, half a century after the invention of incandescent bulbs. Then the effects have been minimal, due to the fact that the industry is just beginning to develop. A September 21, 2012 can happen that Hollywood directors and could not have imagined.

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