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Space exploration, including manned already fulfilled its historic mission, having produced a lot of information about the traces of ancient civilizations on the Moon and Mars. Thus, according to the best-selling novel "Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA," says a former employee of the agency, Richard Hoagland, said in an exclusive interview with our magazine that hides NASA and what secrets conceal these celestial bodies. Interviewed by Mary Dubinskaya.

— Richard, how long do you personally know that in the universe there are "signs of life"?
— Since then, I started an in-depth study of issues related to the presence of intelligent life in outer space, it's been almost 30 years. I was particularly interested in the subject the presence of artificial structures and formations on other planets. On this account I and my associates managed to collect a huge amount of information.

As we have analyzed in detail the reliability of the facts we do not doubt and try to bring them to the masses. We do this through the internet, publications, and interviews. As paradoxical as it may sound, but the pictures on which are seen the ruins of alien buildings at different times published themselves the space agencies of the U.S., the Soviet Union and Europe. And now so do, and in the Russian Federal Space Agency.

Skeptics may argue — say, to what does the wraps off the official institutions that they so carefully concealed for decades. The answer is: the unveiling of sensational photographs of the "underground" covered by the staff of these institutions. They, like me, simply grown hateful lies leadership. So, on the official websites of NASA can find a lot of interesting images — such as "castles in the air", located on the moon.

They exist, these "palaces" — not a figment of a sick imagination. The pictures are clearly seen even the details of amazing designs, which are made of a transparent material similar to glass.

— You worked at NASA, what it do? — I had a so-called "contract consultant" with nasovskom Center Goddard Space Flight Center, I participated in the development associated with the creation of the famous telescope "Hubble". Also, I was a research adviser at the Department of "special events" on CBS during the mission, "Apollo", helped the famous American TV journalist Walter Cronkite. In charge of the Hayden Planetarium.

— What for you was the "last straw" in the decision to withdraw from NASA? Or did you get fired?
— Make no mistake: I was not fired from NASA. Just my contract expired, it was not renewed. I finished working on your project and left because of money for my further extension of authority is not identified. For spitpoisons would like to emphasize that my departure is in no way affiliated with my investigation that I started years later.

— It is interesting to find out from you the most, what was the reaction to the notorious NASA press conference at the National Press Club USA, that you have had in the mid-90s of the last century, and only then in 2007? You're out there publicly declared that NASA hides many secrets about UFOs and fantastic buildings, which supposedly is literally littered with different planets. Accused the agency of deliberately conspiring with the U.S. government.

— On the one hand, as you said, in the General Staff NASA silent — it is also a kind of "reaction". By the way, for us, it is clear that some of the journalists involved in space-themed were somehow encouraged "from above" — that they either did not comment in its publications that we were told it was called either "hallucinations".

On the other hand, employees in NASA after our performance clearly brightened, including several former astronauts, who treated us kindly and seriously. As a result, we get a lot of the most valuable information about what is actually happening on the moon.

— Is working at NASA, you have not signed a non-disclosure agreement?
— Since I have not asked to sign before my work contract has been approved by NASA, legally I am not limited to the right to report anything that I can not remember now.

— But how did the U.S. government allow you to do at the national level to make such statements? Is it for you is not "special" observation, you're not afraid?
— We are meeting for the media at the National Press Club in 1993. Moreover, this room is located just a few blocks from the White House. During the first such press conference really strange things happen, for example, trying to erase our videos, but then everything went fairly smoothly.

Speak and publish the results of our investigations we are allowed. Do not forget that in America — freedom of speech, we are not afraid of anyone. How did we can do? If someone tries to silence me or my colleagues, it will become a political confirmation that we have talked for years: NASA hides the real moon. Also, now I have no doubt that the more active you act than more vocal about their beliefs, the less has to worry for myself. The degree of your security will only increase.

— Now heads the Center for Enterprise Mission in New Mexico, who has monitored the activities of NASA. Tell us about the creation of this organization.
— Our independent panel of Enterprise Mission was established in 1996 in Washington, we officially announced the start of its work in the same National Press Club USA. We are committed to trying to figure that out NASA discovered in the solar system over the past decade has been hidden from the American people, however, as from all over the world.

Even after the crash of the space shuttle "Challenger" and "Columbia" the majority of ordinary Americans, so to speak, still tend to put NASA on a par with Mother Teresa. People and it never occurs to them that the organization is actually obsessed with finding extraterrestrial life, and therefore cleverly disguises its space mission under various research programs, "according to the study of the environment on other planets."

From time to time our group varies: some informants working with us for years, and someone is delayed by only a couple of months. By the way, in our work we have repeatedly appealed to the publications of Russian explorer Vladimir Avinskogo, who is often quoted in their reports. His name is linked our first high-profile opening. Avinsky is an expert on Cydonia — the area on Mars, where, to our knowledge, there are obvious signs of intelligent life. First Avinskogo geometric analysis on this region was published in 1984 in the Journal of Soviet Life, which came out in the U.S..

— What projects are you working on now?
— As you know, along with his colleague Mike Barra I published a book, "Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA". Just a few days from the onset of our work on the bookshelves of her best-seller list, a newspaper published by the New York Times. As in many other major countries, edition was published in Russian. And my first book was called "Structures on Mars. The city on the borders of eternity. "

Since the Enterprise Mission constantly receiving all the new data, now I have been working hard day and night on the fifth — augmented — the version of both books. In addition to the "book" trend, Enterprise Mission is conducting an important study, in which we want to know just how many planets have on their surface "real artificial artifacts" — evidence of living creatures that could be photographed.

We also continue to work connected with the study of the laws of hyperspace on the example of the ruins of the Martian Cydonia region. In today's world — with all of our geopolitical disasters and the threat of global warming — the discovery of new laws of physics could mark a new era in the life of mankind. I also can not fail to mention our active work with the media. Enterprise Mission staff even invited to the channel NBC as a consultant of the popular movie.

Topic special edition of NBC / SciFi Special intriguing and frightening at the same time: "The possible scientific discoveries associated with the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012." Our research on the hyperspace closely connected with questions of "perspective-2012. Probably few people in Russia will see this show, but still intrigues mention — in one of the stories will be told about the "twists" of space around the pyramids, located in Central America. We got an absolutely stunning details!

— As the output of "Dark Mission …" influenced your work?
— When you publish an international bestseller, the number of your "sources" additional information increases exponentially. A lot of people from around the world began to send in Enterprise Mission interesting facts regarding our investigations. And some of these "facts" are just that — other than the official pictures from NASA and other space agencies, which are clearly seen various "strange" near and distant planets. Sensational new evidence can be seen in the revised version of "Dark Mission", which I already told you.

— Richard, in brief: that U.S. astronauts found on the moon?
— On the lunar surface camera missions "Apollo" captured thousands — if not hundreds of thousands — of artificial anomalies. No less curious anomalies have been recorded in the past — even unmanned spacecraft USA and the USSR. "Finds" are crumbling "glass" design, made as if from splinters, and clear geometric shapes. They refract and scatter sunlight over the entire surface of the satellite.

Figuratively speaking, the moon is a lot of huge glass towers, glittering ruins and a variety of prisms, much suspended "in the air". — What, in your opinion, is the most incredible discovery of the moon?


— In the context of future values for earthlings most bizarre and macabre discovery at this time can be regarded as a so-called "robot head", which fixed the "Apollo 17? in 1972. This object — we call it Data's Head — incredibly similar to the head of the android C3PO from the movie "Star Wars." What is stored in the "head" of what incredible data?

We assume that the astronauts brought the object home to Houston, where experts have studied in detail and it may even have learned some information. Is not this sensational discovery made all the world powers so fussed? Probably the Moon race due to just hunt for the "spoils of war", like "robot head"! See how all of a sudden at once hurried to the moon — and Russian, and Chinese, and Japanese, and Indians.

Your Prime Minister Putin is not incidental signed an agreement with India! I hope that after reading this material stakeholders from Russia come to us, and we will begin to work together. I've been dreaming to come to Moscow.

— Richard, you are always talking about inanimate things. And there on the moon or Mars life?

— So far, to our knowledge — "no one is home." There is only the "ruins". I believe the mission of the "Apollo" confirmed that the moon once existed amazing civilization, the civilization of human origin! She was laid down by our very distant ancestors, it's frightening to think how many centuries ago. NASA finds evidence that people once inhabited the entire solar system.

Advanced science bygone megatsivilizatsii allowed to travel from Earth to the moon and build a structure therein of a material like glass, in addition, we now know that they were helped by high robotyandroidy. We are also only a dream until it! Data from Mars all these incredible "stories" is also confirmed. Judging by the pictures of Mars rovers different countries, made at different times, on this planet, there was a terrible accident that destroyed all life. Martian city buried under a thick layer of frozen dirt and dust ….

Does not that great "image" as a warning to Earthlings? — Do you think that future generations will know the truth from their government? — I believe that now thanks to such an interview this closely guarded secret is gradually increasing reopened. As they say, slowly but surely. People need to know that we are on the threshold of great events. And numerous missions that are going to send to the moon different countries, simply can not conceal anything that will find there!

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