Pinskdrev: The results of the investigation have not voiced

November 25 marks the month in Pinsk on the union "Pinskdrev" explosion and fire occurred. This tragedy took the lives of many employees.

The accident killed 14 people, most of them died in hospital from injuries and burns. Two victims still remain in hospitals. It is reported that their condition is "serious but stable". Among those who are still alive after 25 October and died in the hospital, was the operator automatic line Gennady Kozyura. His daughter Alena I ask about the help received from the family of the deceased "Pinskdrev."

"What's the benefit? Slowly pay — says Alain. — They said that around 100 million should pay. Among them brother who paid 27 million and I'm also 27. Further said that the tombstones from the plant will pay for it. Yet went to" Belgosstrakh " because they said that the children are already big — nothing will be paid. To this I replied that my father's brother was paying for their studies. A few days later called and said that we would pay $ 500 for a monument. It is said to bring a check for the monument, but only at the rate of $ 500. And another call to write an application for grant of Lukashenko — 50 million promised by the same. "

Went to the "Belgosstrakh" because they said that the children are already big — nothing will be paid

Brother of the deceased Alexander Kolodych Oleg also confirmed that the family receives certain payments:

"As far as I know, gave 30 million rubles, and there was a call — looking for his father to come for more financial aid."

What happened in the shop chipboard on October 25th? Among the versions, which were of some workers, witnesses to the accident, for example, was a version associated with the production piletah, wood pellets for heating boilers. Allegedly setting for piletah eve was stopped for repairs, and on October 25 it was included in violation of safety regulations. Is this true?

November 16 at a meeting of the Security Council considered the report of the special commission that investigated the causes of the accident at the "Pinskdrev." However, the results of this review are still not informed the public. In the Security Council, explained the lack of official information that the commission's report is given to the President Alexander Lukashenko.

Meanwhile in "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" there is another version, which is based on information provided by the source of the "Pinskdrev", which referred to an internal audit at the company.

Ostensibly this review, it appears that the cause of the accident was a tragic set of circumstances including with gross violations of safety regulations. According to the source, Oct. 25 workers cleaning the ventilation area piletah of sawdust, but to see better, use a light bulb with an extension cord. In addition, the employees allegedly forgot to close the dampers in ventilation. In this time other workers mistakenly included the installation of manufacturing pilety. Got a lot of dust, and in these conditions, a spark from an electric light bulb was enough to make a fire and explosion occurred.

Verify or refute this information is not yet possible because of the secrecy imposed upon the tragedy.



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