Time travel has always been one of the main themes of fiction. But it seems like now it turns out, twenty years ago, such travel become a reality. This is according to secret government archives of the USSR and the USA.

Flying in the past

"Since 1976 and to this day has been known for 274 cases where a pilot, flying out on a mission, he suddenly found himself in the past — says the Danish physicist KSIP Hegluid. — It has official confirmation of U.S. and Russian pilots with detailed descriptions of what he saw. Authorities, though prefer to keep such information confidential until such time as there is no scientific explanation is given a mysterious traveling. I classify all the information that could be obtained and, using this application is defined, what time (age, year) and where each of the pilots got . "

Here are some examples mentioned by the Danish scientist.

1976. Russian pilot Victor Orlov said that, flying the MiG-25 had seen the war, unfolding under the wing of his plane. Analysis of imprinted in his memory paintings led experts to conclude that Orlov witnessed the famous battle that occurred in 1863 near the town of Gettysburg during the Civil War

1985. The pilot of the Air Force took off from the NATO base, located in the north of Europe, and suddenly found himself in prehistoric Africa, watching grazing on its vast herds of dinosaurs.

1986. Russian pilot Alexander Ustimov, performing a task, he suddenly found himself on ancient Egypt. The pilot saw a pyramid built and laid the foundations of several others who swarmed around the mass of people.

1994. This year has been a very "fruitful" to such cases. Thus, the pilot of the Air Force United States R. Whitman, flew over the state of Florida, suddenly discovered that he was a territory, resembling medieval Europe. Whitman said, "I saw a huge bonfire and around piles of human bodies." Apparently, he was in a time when the plague was raging in Europe.

An unnamed NATO pilot described his brief but spectacular flight over the ancient Rome. He saw the chariot on the streets and the Coliseum, which looked as if it had recently built.

Another, also did not disclose his incognito someone wanted to pilot Air Force NATO spoke about how "popped" in the thick of the battle stuffy that developed during the Second World War. As the Allies and the Germans, according to the pilot, in the form of the modern aircraft flew in all directions. "Describing his journey into the past — said Dr. Hoglund,: — pilots drew attention to the fact that these trips lasted no more than 20 seconds. Interestingly also the fact that the pilots made them both supersonic and subsonic speeds by." Therefore, the speed of the flight has nothing to do with the penetration of the past. In addition, Hoglund drew attention to the fact that there was not a single journey into the future.

British astrophysicist Gibert Gayan suggested that the described Hoglund cases may shed light on the mystery of UFOs. "Perhaps the UFO appearing throughout human history — is not the alien ships, and we, from time to time dropping from the present to the past" — he says.

One of the most amazing as is the case with the mysteries of the passenger plane that disappeared in 1939, making a flight from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Bogota (Colombia), carrying 36 skeletons. When experts discovered the aircraft door, they saw in the airliner cabin with another cup of steaming coffee and lit a cigarette, as well as newspapers, dated April 16, 1939. Newspapers looked as if they had just been brought in from the printers.

"I'd really like to give an explanation for this — said Herman Guevara, one of the 100 experts invited to the investigation. — We have no idea how the plane could land. After sitting at the controls of a skeleton. What happened to the passengers? Onboard instruments recorded in that the plane was 36 people, including crew. Some of us believe that an airliner hit the "pit of time."

In their guesses about the essence of what happened the experts have not come to a consensus. Those who do not believe in the existence of the "pit of time," tend to see the involvement in the event aliens. "Someone or something killed those people, and then led the plane to Bogota — said the expert on the paranormal Dr. Gloria Hernandez. — This could make the aliens."

But this, of course, a weak argument, since it is not clear why people have turned into skeletons, and coffee, cigarettes and newspapers are kept pristine freshness. However, because basically everything that can not be explained, can be attributed to acts of newcomers.

Miracles in 1994 occurred not only in the sky, but at sea. Then the newspapers reported that after '82, after the death of "Titanic" 10-month-old girl who was presumed dead, caught in the waters of the North Atlantic. Frozen, but it is a healthy baby found after being in the same area rescued two more victims of the disaster — Winnie Coutts and captain E.Dzh.Smita. This led scientists to think that perhaps the liner and the other passengers still swim in the ocean and wait for help.

"I'll try to explain what is happening, even though it is contrary to common sense — told reporters in Oslo (Norway) Malvin Iddland renowned researcher, has been studying the problems of the ocean., It seems that in this part of the world time lost its meaning. People who disappeared more In 1912, crop up such as if with them, nothing happened. They do not even aged. thought, "Titanic" and the passengers got into some kind of trap time. "

Found a girl (her name is not mentioned) was discovered by a team of Norwegian fishing cruets. Baby swimming tied to the lifebuoy "Titanic." In the archival documents kept mentioning that the child was 10 months old when she and her mother came on board the ship. Since then, she has become older single day, says Dr. Haaland, who have entrusted the care of a foundling.

After these sensational rescues all the commands of ships, whose course takes place in the south-western coast of Iceland, were informed that it is not ruled out meeting with other victims in the shipwreck of "Titanic."

Any convincing hypotheses as to why and how to travel in time, no. There are only facts that require explanation. Time does not wish to disclose their secrets, although modern science, and it gives some "hooks".

At the gates of eternity

American and British scientists who conducted the 1995 survey in Antarctica made a sensational discovery which, according to experts, can radically alter the course of Earth's history.

"When they first saw in the sky over the pole swirling gray mist, we decided that this is the usual tornado — says physicist from the United States, Marian McLain. — But time passed, and the tornado did not change the form and did not move. Realizing that they are witnessed something unusual, the researchers decided to conduct several experiments.

The first thing experts have launched a rope tied to a weather balloon, which was installed equipment, recording wind speed, temperature and humidity. Soaring skyward, the probe immediately disappeared.

Some time later, researchers, coil wire, probe back to earth and to his astonishment found that the timer set on it, shows January 27, 1965, the date of thirty years ago. But the launch was held at the same number and the same month, but exactly three decades later. Were held and other experiments have convinced scientists that the problem with the equipment at anything — all priors were working properly, and only the clock every time shown for a long time past. "

Information about the "gate time" — so named this phenomenon — has provided "a competent source in the White House", who wished to remain anonymous. He also refused to tell the developments in the future. However, Mac Lane found out that the study of the unusual phenomenon is in full swing and it looks like the vortex over the South Pole — is not nothing but a tunnel that allows you to reach to the past and the future. Moreover, the program has started to prepare a person to run the other times. And the CIA and the FBI are waging a fierce battle for control of the project, which will change history.

So far there is no information about when the U.S. federal government will authorize the experiment to change history. However, "a competent source" referred to by McLain, said that most likely the decision will be taken after the President will discuss this issue in the UN Security Council.

"You can throw out all the history books — the world as we know it will be unrecognizable as soon as a person begins to travel into the past — says Dr. McLean. Enough to change one important fact of history, and all of its development goes in the other direction. Danger is that that as a result of our | life can become much worse. One false step, and Adolf Hitler won the Second World War, and the "cold war" escalate into a nuclear …

"Scientists and the U.S. public are ambivalent about the possibility of time travel. PhD in History from Washington Ida Andrews never think about what you can from it to seem." Just imagine what the prospects are opened, when a person will be through the "gates of time , "she says. People will be able to prevent wars, epidemics, to identify and isolate the first victim of AIDS and prevent the spread of this terrible disease. No, humanity, according to Dr. Andrews, should not lose such a golden opportunity.

But the preacher Anthony Delgato from Denver (Colorado) takes a different view: "If God had wanted man to be back in time, he would have already given him the chance. I'm sure that by reaching the gates of time, we will make terrible sin and will all burn in hell. Everything has to happen in due time by the will of the Lord. temptation to change the story is great. But are we entitled to prevent the death of Jesus Christ on the cross? have the right to prevent the commission of the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? All that happens in the universe is created by the will of God, and we can not change what has already happened in accordance with it "…

One morning we wake up in a changed beyond recognition and never even know that before he was different. Or does not wake up, as the events go the normal course, that our parents will meet and will not make us into the light. One can only hope that whatever decision was taken, it will be carefully considered. With a history not to be trifled with, for there is too much at stake.

Author: By the foreign press has prepared P.Rastrenin
Source: "On the verge of the impossible"

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