Plastic ware is toxic!


Frequent use of plastic utensils leads the fairer sex to hirsutism. This was stated by British scientists after a survey of several ladies who have started to grow a beard.

Experts have found that all of these women functioning of the adrenal glands had been violated. By the pathological changes in these bodies has led a high concentration of styrene — a toxic substance that is used in the manufacture of plastic tableware and cutlery.

Accumulate in the human body, sooner or later, styrene displays adrenal failure. As a result, glands begin to produce more male hormones than needed, and women's hair appear where they should not be.

The fact of the topic:
Regular use of plastic utensils is harmful not only for women but also for men. In containers for storage of food, "live" phthalates. Are esters of phthalic acid, which is often referred harmful to the human body.

1. In 2009, Turkish researchers examined dozens of boys, who were diagnosed with gynecomastia (breast enlargement). They found that men suffering from this disease, blood levels of substances related to phthalates in 2,8-25 times higher than that of boys without the anomaly.

2. American experts said that plastic causes disturbances in brain activity and metabolism.

3. Scientists from Canada's claim that the plastic ware endangers the health of children and infants, as subsequently the concentration of bisphenol A can cause changes in behavior and early puberty in girls and the risk of prostate cancer in boys.
Bisphenol A is released from the plastic during the sterilization and cleaning bottles with hot water, when heated in a microwave oven dish and its washing in a dishwasher.

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