Police warned. Democratic candidates insist

Nov. 24, at 18 pm on October Square in Minsk some presidential candidates are scheduled to meet with voters. Will host an event that has already been called "rehearsal space"?

Scheduled a meeting dedicated to the anniversary of the constitutional referendum in 1996, which resulted in Alexander Lukashenko extended the term of the presidency, and significantly expanded the powers of his office.

Meanwhile, officials say the area is closed to the October events except those authorized by the government. The Central Election Commission and the Ministry of Interior warned about the responsibility for carrying out the declared stocks.

Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik recalled the authority to issue warnings and cancel the decision on registration. In Minsk police warned of serious consequences, including criminal charges and assured that concessions will not. Deputy city police colonel Igor Evseev.

"We became aware that individual citizens via the Internet call to gather in the capital on November 24 in October Square to hold a mass rally. I note that the Minsk police ready to secure order on November 24."

Presidential candidate Vitaly Rymashevski says he is ready to come to the area to meet with voters. The ban on meetings in October Square Vitali Rymashevski considers illegal.

"I think this requirement illegal. Somehow celebrations on this square you can hold, spayvats there are thousands of people can hold concerts too. And now there are choices, and we have the right to meet with people, especially on the area, which is the main one. Indeed area Lenin altered so that there can not be met. Therefore, I appeal to the authorities not to make a farce, and to give equal opportunities to all applicants. "

Like the other candidates are to offer to meet with voters on November 24 on October Square? Statkevich said, "Freedom" and that "certainly will come," as he considers his legal right to the presidential candidate to meet with voters. Nyaklyayeu also going to come in, though, and noticed that on the eve of the meeting initiator spoke about the need to include a request to the city council. Regarding the expected crackdown by the police, the presidential candidate said he will still come.

"In short, what can I guess now, we'll see what happens. All will be seen in practice."

Unable to get reliable information regarding the meeting on October of Andrei Sannikov. Mobile Phone presidential candidate has been disconnected. At the headquarters of Sannikov recalled that on November 24 at 19 pm he appears live on television, and in "teletsentar have come much earlier."



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