Prayer is stronger than death


Recently, Russian scientists have made a sensational otkrytie.Okazalos, fervently praying that the brain of man can sink into a special state, a two-month mladentsam.Eto peculiar state of consciousness is called "prayer vigil". Almost simultaneously with the opening of the American neuroscientists have shown that religion is physiological cheloveka.V for the structure of the brain lies the ability to communicate with God.

Here are a few facts about Molitve.Po statistics, religious people, cancer patients in unresectable stage live for five years dolshe.Meditsine well known cases of full recovery of bad patsientov.Est statement that after the prayer facilitated mental state.

A cure is possessed only by the priest read a special prayer (otchitki). Biology experiments have shown that the prayer in water contaminated with E. coli and Staphylococcus, reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in nearly one hundred raz.A during the prayer, for drug addicts pass break-up.

Around the aura of prayer appear unknown energy fields, allowing physicists to consider Prayer is not only a religious, but above all energy phenomenon.



All this is not miracles, but scientifically proven fakty.Segodnya physicists and astronomers, chemists and biologists have come to the proof of the reality of the Creator, knowing the world through nauku.I now scientists have argued that an appeal to the Supreme Creator and the Forces of Light is a pledge of spiritual and physical zdorovya.Ochen important that prayer and meditation as a form of communication with the higher powers, have become an integral part of life and conscious awareness cheloveka.Prishla time of extraordinary importance to the knowledge of mankind.

In this film, science and religion do not conflict with each other, and miracles performed prayer, do not tell the priests and scholars.

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