Pre-election rally on the forbidden area

November 24 in the center of Minsk hosted a meeting of opposition presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski, Nikolai Statkevich and Vladimir Neklyaeva with voters. Several thousand participants gathered on October Square, and later held a demonstration to Independence Square. Despite the fact that both areas of the Minsk authorities banned election meetings, the police did not interfere with candidates and voters.

Propaganda campaign, which some have called a "dress rehearsal Square on December 19" Statkevich andVitaly Rymashevski timed to coincide with the anniversary of the constitutional referendum in 1996, which resulted in Alexander Lukashenko extended his authority.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office were warned about the responsibility of the organizers, as the decision of the Minsk City Executive Committee on November 11, 2010 pre-election meetings are not allowed on four areas: October, Independence and Victory Kolas. Once again I say about this candidate has come to October Square in Minsk chairman of the electoral commission Igor Karpenko and appealed to the Vital Rymasheuski:

"Today's action takes place in violation of election laws …"

Rymashevski"I believe that this decision discriminates against all candidates except the one who now calls himself president. This ruling

This area was not created for the dictator, and for the people.

is illegal. The central area of Belarus should be used for its intended purpose. This area was not created for the dictator, and for people, and we will defend their right. "

Opposition candidates managed to hold a rally at the forbidden area. Vitaly Rymashevski:

"It's time to believe in the power of the Belarusian people, it's time to give up hope of artificial props to the West or the East. And I call you to take responsibility for this country! "

Nyaklyayeu read his poem:

"… To fearlessly stood up to full height
And no current will never lay down,
To reign in his native land,
God — in the sky, though — on the ground,
That it might be all that you dreamed
We come to you won. "

Statkevich delivered a message to the CEC with the requirement to include in each precinct commission member from each candidate, cancel early voting and counting of ballots, presenting each observer. Statkevich is convinced that if the authorities want, they can at one moment to meet these requirements that can make the results transparent elections. Statkevich urged those present at the meeting:

"Ask me to have someone took this appeal, we will go together."

The demonstrators came to Government House, where Nikolai Statkevich clipped text of the appeal to the CEC on the sign.

The rally and march took place without any hindrance police. The situation is explained by the representative of Minsk police Alexander Lastouski:

"If it was outside the scope of the campaign, of course, gathering in the square banned … But when the purpose of agitation, then there could let the CEC says, why all this possible. "

According Lastovskogo in election campaign was attended by 250 people, organizers estimated the number of the participants in the 2-3 thousand.

Zmitser Dashkevich at the end of the meeting at the Government House urged:

"December 19th we will have tens of thousands."

People go out more than we had expected. This means that the area on December 19 will be the mass.

, Leader of the group Vital Rymasheuski Paul Seviarynets called the current manifestation of the "mobilization of forces":

"We realized that people go out more than we had expected. This means that the area on December 19 will be the mass. "

Statkevich did not agree with those who claim today's action "rehearsal Square", it is a common meeting with voters, he said.

"I think this event will draw attention to Belarus and other countries of election fraud in our state. This pressure on the authorities. And I think that this will allow us to break the fear of society. "

And Statkevich, and Vitaly Rymashevski said, "Freedom", which does not bother them at all possibility of any sanctions by the CEC for a meeting with voters on the "forbidden areas".

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