Premonition hordes

Premonition hordesSocial and political conditions of the acute setting question of our identity makrotsivilizatsionnogo: "Europe and Asia" pretty clear and obvious. At least for a person living in Moscow. The Russian capital has become today in non-Russian city. Today, it is, in fact, five minutes to the new barn. Here you can not walk down the street at least three hundred meters without encountering a group of visitors from Central Asia. Here you can not go down into the subway, not to discover with surprise that more than 30% of passenger traffic are the ones we politely call "guest workers." What is happening in Moscow on Muslim holidays have long been known to all — mnogosottysyachnye crowds of people who gather in one place in the city center, to emphasize their strength and their numbers.

Premonition hordes

Brought by, often, on the streets of bloody sacrifice, by whom are stricken with horror Muscovites. And all this is not signs of Islam as a religion — there are hundreds and thousands of places on earth, including the Russian Land, where Islam is practiced quietly civilized people — profess no unruly crowds, blood and dirt. This certificate is a new wave aziatizatsii, covering a space of Eurasia, and therefore Russian historical and cultural space.

The origin of these waves is a human puzzle and a separate problem. Economic explanations of the flow of unskilled, in fact slavery, labor, no. Exactly what is the explanation given for them is not. We are told that the demographic potential of our country goes down, we have less and less people, the Russian supposedly "do not want to work." This means that the economy did not get up, you need to bring in more and more immigrants to do the work that do not want Russian. Not long ago, we were promised have an additional 10 million new migrants, horse dose, which is a plus to the already obviously erase civilizational face of Russia and irrevocably alter its ethno-religious balance. We really become strangers in their own country, and newcomers will demand their place and their rights, and this time without any reference to the work. Simple fact that they are here.

Premonition hordes

Apologetics of slave imports absurd indeed. First of all, within it, the Russian people appears some "employees" of the state, and oligarchic business, which can be fired if they grow lazy and needs for their work too high price. Meanwhile, the Russian people — a national basis, the owner of the Russian state, and it is likely he has to decide whether to dismiss incompetent rulers, and not vice versa. So far, it seems that the government is changing from the "first Europeans" in Russia, once referred to him as Pushkin, "the last Asian" wants to abolish the nation and currently looking for a new match.

Premonition hordes

But there is a deeper and more serious problem. That delivery of migrant workers, namely demographic aziatizatsiya Russia are the formdisruptiondemographic self-healing of the Russian people. For short-term business and the super built over them corrupt vertical sacrificed long-term economic and demographic cycles. Interrupted their normal course. What I am talking about? One of the most significant pages of Russian humanitarian and historical ideas are works of the Ural historian SA Nefedov — above all, "War and Society." They proposed an interesting cyclic model of the historical development of human society based on ecological and demographic factors. It might be called neo-Malthusian, if not our habit to social scientists espoused since Soviet times, when referring to the name of Malthus hysterical.

What is the essence of this model? I'm sure it will pass extremely simplistic to understand all the subtleties better read the original. The Company primarily agrarian society, develops depending on the capacity of its ecological niche at the current level of economic development. It goes through several phases.Demographic growth— When a lot of land, a lot of food, food prices are low, wages are high, as everywhere in the expansion phase requires manpower, is replaced by the crisis, when the possibility of resource niches are exhausted and society begins to "eat" itself. Comescrisis.At this stage, land is scarce and it is expensive, food is scarce and people are starving, food prices are rising, wages are falling. All this goes to the pointdemographic collapse, when there is a large population loss, and then come back, sometimes even with an innovative extension of the ecological niche through the introduction of new technology, the initial conditions — enough land, wages are high (because labor is not enough). In general, it would seem, would be to live and live. The "golden age" for the people — itrecovery phaseafter the demographic collapse.

Premonition hordes

And Indigenous Peoples, the recovery phase is his main argument in the dispute with the elite of the "piecework terms" social contract. For example, it was in Western Europe after the Black Death, which killed more than a third of Western European population. Working hands were extremely expensive and upper classes had to pay for them, at the same time seeking new technological and social forms of management."Common nowadays demands for itself the most expensive and delicious food, their women and children flaunt fluffy dress that belonged previously to those who left this world forever … At the present time, women servants, inexperienced and untrained, and with her boy-stables require for themselves at least 12 florins a year, and the most brazen and 18, and even 24, the same for nurses and artisans who earn their bread with their hands, which was applied to three times more than usual today, and as workers in the fields, of which there should be now supply sled bulls and grain for sowing and they want to work exclusively on the best land, thrown away "— Wrote the Florentine Matteo Villani. The result is well known — in Western Europe after the plague formation of a new economic reality of capitalism, a new political reality — modern "absolutist" (although in fact it certainly was not oppressive absolutist) state, a new cultural reality — the Renaissance, and the new religious and ideological reality — Reformation

Now let's see what happens in Russia. Here is a very interesting thing that we now observe. The country went through the typical demographic collapse. Faced with the exhaustion of the resource base, which can be provided in the Soviet socialist principles of management, Russia came to the rapid collapse ended Halving the population. As social technology end of the twentieth century in its humane physical Halving — death — of course not, though, too many have died. Halving the symbolic as the collapse of the Soviet Union. Not all people have died — but that changed were the citizens of the newly independent states. This was the collapse was to follow the recovery phase, for which, in particular, is characterized by the high cost of labor, which was not enough among the citizens of the Russian Federation in order to service its rather big even after Gaidar-Chubais pogrom industry. Default in 1998 as it was the first start of the new bell frame. And, in principle, the Russian had to dive into a short but quite a comfortable golden age, when people are relatively small, they do not live close, but are rather expensive. And when the elite have to seek a way out of the most expensive in the search for innovative and technological leaps. The first was to awaken a new demographic growth, as well as live a normal human reaction that does not use feminism and consumer society — to give new life and new children. The second was to expand economic, ecological niche, and do the following demographic expansion more powerful.

This, as we know, has not happened. What happened instead? Instead, the oligarchic elite began to issue additional population in the form of delivery of migrants. It was a way to save their oligarchy of wealth, send the "ass" of all who do not have a billion dollars as it did recently beaten notable slaveholder Polonsky. Elite could not pay extra Russian "demos", not to revise the terms of the contract, than properly engaged, in particular, recently set aside the Minister of Finance Kudrin — who all welfare of millions of people sacrificed to the "fight against inflation", prevented the growth of wages and investment in social and economic infrastructure, and thus created the conditions for cheap slave labor was the only profitable business.

In other words, the massive "labor migration" — is not just a "delivery of those occupying our labor place" — said representatives of trade unions, the fighters against illegal migration, etc.. This is a successful technique used oligarchic elite, in order to prevent the Russian common people benefit from "replacement" phase of the demographic cycle and, above all, the high cost of labor. We kept her, give our space alien. Cultural and behavioral image of these strangers is that fills our hearts with dread.

And here we are faced with a deep layer of the same problem. If the fact of replacing Russian foreign labor due to greed of oligarchic elites, prolonging and aggravating phase of our demographic collapse, here filling it washes away a normal Russian labor Antropotok no accident. Let us remember the 90s. Then there were all in fear of the Chinese, who come here to our work, and then grab it. Somewhere near the Vietnamese figured, Boris Grebenshikov joked about the fact that "the Turks are building casts Holy Russia for half an hour." But now even Grebenshchikov seems not joking. Here is one of the central, and most terrible songs of his new album "Archangel":

So trumpeted to the infinite steppe

Burning through the fog and muddy-green suspension

Coal mining and gently soot bread

Whisper to them that Secret Uzbek already here …

Even if we all lock up in the dead of prison

Burn planes, trains disband

This does not prevent him

To move from where it is, for us here.

Huge uterus peoples in Central Asia, generates thousands of years more and more sedentary and nomadic tribes, opened up again, and the children suddenly forced to forget about almost all the other candidates for the replacement of Russian labor. They do not take hard work, not art, naughty, namely the large number and sbitostyu in groups, develop into the crowd. These are the people thrown out of their traditional way of life, of their culture — and settled, and was once the former nomadic, of the constraints of the old rules of society, not grafted to no other morality than kishlak not raised in traditional Islam, who are looking at cities and villages Russia — and no need to deceive, it is not only about Moscow and major cities — today these protordy already everywhere, even in small villages — as sboorische pretty pictures and bright expensive items. This crowd without a face, a name and purpose, it seems only person waiting long will that this will forge them and send to storm our cities.

Premonition hordes

History seems cruelly laughed at us. Century bleeding Russ spent on it to remove the threat from the depths of Asia, the threat comes along with steppe hordes. First she, led by Monomakh, crush on Don Kipchaks, then turned groan under the yoke of the Mongols in the victory cry of Kulikovo Field, after the great and undeservedly forgotten battle of his youth, where co-Oprichny zemstvo Ivan the Terrible revenged Crimean Tatars for the burning of Moscow in 1571 . And now Ermak sent to Chusovaya the Urals, to the conquest of Siberia, and sprivychnye nomads Pathways lock defense line. In 1638-39, the Russian people have completed the feat of construction, which in its historical consequences surpassed the significance of the Great Wall — construction Belgorod defense line and resonstruktsiyu big defense line. From now on, the Russian state reliably shielded from steppe and the grandiose revenge: the whole of Siberia lies at the feet of the Russian Tsar, in the Crimea are troops of the Russian Empress, part Kalmyk horde run in China — this is the last great movement of nomads. And now, Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara, Kokand, Ferghana see exploits young "White General".

"It seemed to this phenomenon of the last finished forever, and he will not be reborn. — Wrote in his book "The steppe belt of Eurasia: the phenomenon of nomadic cultures" known domestic archaeologist Eugene N. Black — it's time to end the long indomitable power of its steppe raids. Why and steppe peoples have not those that once were. But no! — Again the rapid spurt of imperial embrace, and now in the new social and technological appearance before us at the turn of the millennium II and III of a new era of chain grows again clung to their age-old domain — steppe zone … What is it? Birth of whether we face an entirely new phenomenon? Or the repetition of the old, but in completely different clothes and content? And the more this phenomenon may surprise us in the next decade? "

And now look again relevant eerie visionary prophecy of Vladimir Solovyov, despite the obvious dark from a spiritual point of view of their nature:

As locusts, countless

And greedy as she is,

Unearthly power stored,

Go north tribes.

About Russ! Forget former glory:

Double headed eagle is broken in

And yellow children to fun

Are pieces of your banners.

Put up in awe and fear,

Who could forget the covenant of love …

And third Rome lies in the dust,

And so the fourth is not to be.

Anyway, the awakening of Central Asia, the awakening of "The Steppe" in a broad geo-cultural rather than narrowly geographical sense of the poses the question of self-determination. Self equal survival. Will we be swept away by this flow? Dissolve it in him? Or extracted from an ancient sword scabbard Monomakh, raise spear Peresvet can somehow resist him? Can prevent the onset of the next cycle to turn around from the depths of Asia barbarism to civilization. Be able to prove that in history there is no eternal "pendulum"?

The fact that this self-awareness itself — it is a fatal issue for our historical destiny — no doubt. Russia and Russian for a significant portion of the steppe belt of Eurasia, snatched the steppe in a fair fight centuries. In the fight for the victory in which the Russian people had to pay with their lives, their blood, their bread, their freedom, pace and direction of their social and cultural development. And it is clear that if the pendulum geohistorical Barrens and really give reverse, the more painful and destructive of all, he was hit in Russia. We simply should not exist in the "Mongolian" world. Russia is possible only as suburban heartland, locked away in the north woods — this time possibly much longer than in the last cycle. Yet, what stands in the way of the Horde, should be deleted.

Yegor Kholmogorov


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