Psihokod Bible, the religion of slaves

"Nineteen hundred years ago you were innocent, free, natural pagan race. You prayed to their gods, the spirits of the air flowing streams and woods. You do not blush at the sight of a naked body. You were ecstatic on the field of battle, fighting, fighting spirit. War was the institution of your system. While living on the slopes of the hills and valleys of Mother Nature, you laid the foundations of natural science and philosophy. You had a sensible, noble culture, unalloyed pangs of social conscience and sentimental questions about human equality. Who knows what great and rosy future you would expect if it were not for us.

But we did not leave you alone. We took you into their tight grip and destroyed all your magnificent structure you have erected, and turn back the rest of your story. We conquered you as no empire of your own not to conquer Asia or Africa.

We have destroyed your gods, we threw all of your racial features, and replaced them by God according to our own traditions. No one in the history of the conquest is not even remotely comparable to how fully we will have won. "" We put the emergency brake on your progress. We have imposed upon you an alien and foreign to you the book you faith that you can neither swallow nor digest, because it is contrary to your natural spirit, which as a result is in a diseased condition, and as a result you can not, nor take our spirit fully or kill him, and are able to split personality — schizophrenia. "- Mark Eli Ravazh — personal biographer of the Rothschild family of Christianity
"A Real case Against the Jews" One of them Points out the full Depth of their Guilt. Marcus Eli Ravage.1928.
All canonical religious books usually ask the same religion. For example, the Koran defines Islam and nothing else, and sets one Avesta Zoroastrianism. In the case of the Bible is different: it zadaetDVE religion. One (Old Testament) — Judaism, the other (New Testament) — Christianity. What is the difference between them? The difference is huge, but it is clearly almost never covered, which allows plenty of fooling. Judaism and Christianity are almost opposite in the value system. But why they are in the same book? How can they get along together, even though they are so different from each other? The answer is quite simple.

The Bible — is one book, made up of two religious systems.
The Bible — is the world's plan to build a slave system.
In any slave system is a class of slaves who are the thing, and the class of slave-owners, who are slaves and do with them what they want.
Judaism — a religion for the slave owners (the Jews).
Christianity — a religion for slaves (non-Jews).
That's the whole Bible.
The main essence of Christianity — foster more abject slaves. Judaism and Christianity form the two opposing psycho. Judaism forms a slave mentality. Christianity forms a slave mentality. That's all the game in the Jewish Christianity. It is for this reason that modern Christian countries at the helm controls are only Jews. Wherever you spit — everywhere and anywhere Jewish shop.
Judaism makes self Jew in high spirits. The Jew said, "You — elected by God. All other nations — is inhuman, service animals. You have to manage other people. You've got to break through and pull all its own. Gentile ownership — it's your property, which so far is temporarily him. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. " Thus, the Jews are not going to cook steel and coal mines to extract and repair the elevator and go to the banks, the media, leaders, businesses, where everywhere there.

Christianity teaches people the opposite: "You — God's servant. You poor man, a sinner. You need to repent and humble yourself, pride — it is a sin of interest to women — it is a sin, a full life — a sin. The idea of sin — a sin. Do not worry about tomorrow, because Jesus spoke. Be patient, because God suffers and we ordered. Gave to the face — turn the other cheek. Rob coats — give and shirt. Raped his wife — to offer a daughter. Distributed his possessions to the poor, take up his cross and come. And shall come upon you his grace. And if you svoevolnichat — thunder in hell ".
As a result, self-esteem Christian grounded to zero. Truly believing Christian lives as miserable, dull and downtrodden creature that looks like a man, but no brains. According to the "holy" places of pilgrimage like it. Live in shit and he loves it! Take a look at the service of the Christian church — you will see there a herd of brainless fools. By the way, the Christian hierarchy and do not hesitate to call openly Christian Lamb (sheep), which must be the mouth. And those who will rule directly called shepherds (pastors). And Christian agrees. Christians call God's servants, and they themselves so called. Such treatment of them they consider normal. For them, it's natural. You can think of wedding ceremony "the servant of God to God's servant". But better still remember very typical saying of the Apostle Paul: "Servants, be subject to your masters with humility".

Churchmen love to talk about returning convenience herd sheep (sheep) into the pen (in the bosom of the holy church.) This is one of their favorite topics. Sheep — the most frequently mentioned in the Bible animal (exactly 200 times.)
The word "freedom" does not enter into the system of values in life of a Christian. He is afraid of her subconscious. The only sign that it has learned — is vague words of the Apostle Paul: "Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Christians hate and fear the freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and the freedom to choose its own path.
— Freedom is what's inside. The most violent and bloody tyrants can not take away a person the right to think differently. Christianity is trying to do.

Ideally, Jews, slaveholders would like slaves Christians act like Christ teaches them: "… Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for those who mistreat you" (Matt. 5:43-44). That is, the perfect Christian — is haunted and miserable creature, who is given in the face, and he was turning the other cheek. He spit in his face, dvinesh boot at his brainless head, and he is asking for. It is necessary to boot was heavy, it is very important. And in response, he kneels and charitable offender, and even prays for him. That's a real slave. This office is much higher quality than that servant, which you must constantly supervise and physically control it. Roman slaves and then rose up, and should have made it so that people could not even dream of freedom, forget about it. To think about the "Kingdom of Heaven" and his own soul. How would disfigure her stronger. To completely forgotten notions kakGORDOST, honor, justice, generosity, bravery, courage, strength, intelligence. None of this you will not find in the Bible. There's a complete absence of all voleutverzhdayuschego and vibrant.

But there are teeming with concepts such as humility, repentance, sin, FAITH, poverty, celibacy and childlessness, weakness, infirmity, malformation, salvation. That is in order and it was invented Christianity. All there and for all! And so that no one escaped.
Christ been almost impossible. He was able to put Christians on their knees. He managed to humiliate people, neutral earthing their own self-esteem. He has the power to do so do not force anyone, it is simply to not have the power. But he (or rather someone through it) implemented in the heads of people slave setup. Such a setup, that man is on his knees. It was myself, and not at gunpoint. It is said that on his own. But in fact no such a person will not. He only performer will of others. Obedient and unquestioning. "Tic Tac Toe was wearing." No wonder the Russian language there is a saying: "Put a cross". The cross is usually put on the fact that can not be restored completely. And so you have to be perfect servant. The name of God (be it Jehovah, Allah or anyone else) is very, very easy to say all that is needed at a given time. Every Christian believes himself a great sinner. Christ and priests after him head and share so many sins that almost every movement or natural thought — it is a sin. Even a child is born being marked by original sin.

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