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Fragment of a new book by Alexander Lukashuk "Walking with Oswald" — the anniversary of the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy November 22, 1963, which made Lee Harvey Oswald.

Oswald was born on October 18, 1939 in New Orleans (his father died two months before he was born) and had two older brothers. In 1955, after conflicts in school, drop out, joined the Socialist League. He entered the military service in the Marine Corps, the operator receives a specialty aviation electronics (radar). Serves as Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines. Leases test aimed fire in the category of a sniper. In the summer of 1959, demabilizuetstsa from a base in California.

October 16, 1959 in search of genuine Marxism through Finland visited the Soviet Union on a five-day tourist visa, takes up residence in the Moscow hotel "Berlin" and says Intourist interpreter that he — a communist and wants to obtain Russian citizenship. Two days later, he birthday, which he spent with the interpreter, left a note in his diary:

My 20th birthday, we go to the exhibition in the morning and in the afternoon — the mausoleum of Lenin and Stalin. She hands me a gift — a book, "The Idiot" Dostoevsky.

October 21 Oswald gets the message that citizenship has been denied a visa ends and he must leave the country before 20:00. An hour before the end of the bath, he cut the veins on his left hand. The interpreter finds him unconscious, "fast" takes him to the hospital. The next day he makes the diaries:

I am in a small room. 12 patients with me. The House is dark, poor breakfast. After a long two-hour observation of other patients I come to the conclusion that I am in the ward for the insane, and I was very confused.

After discharge, a week later he was transported to the hotel, "agglomerate" in a more modest room, begin meetings with Intourist and Visa Office. In a letter to his older brother, he will explain why he had decided to remain in the Soviet Union.

LHA — Robert Oswald

Dear Robert,

I'm going to ask you a question, Robert, Why do you keep the U.S. government? What is the ideal in the foreground? Do not say "freedom" as freedom — a word that people used all the time. Ask me and I will answer that I struggle for communism. These words suggest you to think about slaves or injustice, so because of American propaganda, you're talking about the benefits. You think I'm here for this? For the sake of personal wealth? Happiness — not a personal thing, it does not account for a small house to take and receive. Happiness is to take part in a fight where there is no boundary between the personal world and the world in general. I never thought that I would get more tangible benefits at this stage of development of the Soviet Union, than I might have in the United States.

There are good, warm, living people. They want all peoples to live in peace, but at the same time they would like to see the cost-free the enslaved people of the West. They believe in their ideals and support their government and the country to the end.

You say you do not vyrakavsya me, well, I'm happy, but I'll tell you about my condition. I want you to understand what I am about to say, and I do not say this lightly or without thinking, because I am, as you know, was in the army and I know what war is.

First If there is a war, I will kill any American who wears the uniform to protect the American government — any American.

Internally, the second I do not have anything to do with the United States.

Third That I want and I will have a normal, happy and peaceful life here in the Soviet Union until the end of his life.

Fourth What my mother and you are not the object of my love, but merely examples of workers in the United States.

Do not try to remember what I was, because only now I'm showing you what I do. I have no bitterness or hatred, I came here only to find freedom. I tell the truth, I feel that I'm finally with his people.

In Moscow, now it's snowing, and it looks very beautiful. I can see the Kremlin and Red Square, and I just had dinner and mjaso kartofel, meat and potatoes. You see, Russian is not so different from you and me.


In a letter to Oswald highlights a few words, one of them — I'll kill any American. Any — it's a brother. And not only, of course.

On the last day of the year Oswald takes a taxi ride to the U.S. Embassy, said the refusal of citizenship and passport rents Consul Richard Snyder.

Shortly before Snyder had to deal with such a case: immediately after the service in the American army Petruli arrived in Moscow as a tourist, appeared at the embassy to hand over the passport, and said that renounces citizenship and remain in the Soviet Union. After a few weeks of observing the Soviet authorities demanded that the embassy brought him to the United States: Petruli was mentally ill.

Snyder passport Oswald picked up, but did not revoke citizenship — this process took months.

In the following days, Oswald gives a few interviews with American journalists, but then refuses to contacts sitting alone in the room, teaches Russian language and waiting for solutions.

January 4, 1960 he was summoned to the Visa Office that issued the document for stateless persons. The employee said that the residence is defined Minsk.

Oswald wrote in his diary:

I ask this in Siberia? He laughs.

The capital of Soviet Belarus was not included in the list of cities that held the memory of an ordinary American. In addition to Moscow and Leningrad, he knew Kiev, Stalingrad, may address the Lend-Lease Act — military ports of Murmansk and Vladivostok.

Four years later, the question about the city was made in Washington at a meeting of the Presidential Commission that investigated the Kennedy assassination ("Warren Commission").

The question was addressed to a diplomat of the American Embassy in Moscow, Richard Snyder, who was involved in the documents Oswald:

Congressman Ford: If you knew that Oswald was in Minsk, what would you say?

Snyder: It serves him right.

Congressman Ford: Why do you say that?

Snyder: You've never been to Minsk. Cities in the province in the Soviet Union are the big step below the capital, and the capital, believe me, a fairly large step below any American town. The difference between large and small cities, and between small and villages — this is a huge step back in time. Live in Minsk or any other provincial city in the Soviet Union — a rather grim experience for anyone who has lived in our community.

Congressman Ford: Have you been to Minsk?

Snyder: I spent about an hour in Minsk, played between trains once.

Congressman who asked about the city, called Gerald — in ten years it will become the 38th president of the United States, as such, to sign the Helsinki agreement, which will give a new impetus to the Soviet and post-Soviet dissident movement (in Minsk also will have its own "Helsinki Committee ").

Ford in Minsk had never been. But his predecessor in the White House, the capital of Belarus visited. Richard Nixon and his wife were in Minsk in June 1974, when there celebrated the 30th anniversary of liberation from German occupation.

They came from the Crimea, where they met with Brezhnev, on the same day. Spent the night in a residence in Zaslaul, laid flowers at the monuments. Nixon was limping noticeably — he aggravated thrombophlebitis in his left leg, Washington reached the climax of the Watergate scandal, the resignation in disgrace to remain six w
eeks …

Nixon was in Victory Square, where Oswald walked every day, but it is unlikely he was shown the house next door where the killer lived U.S. President.

In 1960, when the voter Oswald was living in Minsk and did not vote, Nixon lost the presidential election to John F. Kennedy — only 0.1% of the vote. If you won — Oswald might be another target.

Marina Oswald later tell investigators that her husband was going to do on occasion to kill Nixon. Such a case occurred in 1963, when Nixon had intended to come to Dallas. Oswald prepared the weapons and the question alarmed Marina replied that he would act in the circumstances. She knew what he meant, as has previously tried to kill General Walker, one of the leaders of the American right, fired at his house. Police led the investigation, but no one was found. On the day of arrival Nixon managed to Marina Oswald to talk with scandal.

Minsk became the last city abroad, who visited President Nixon.

The book "Walking with Oswald" will be released in a series of "Library of Liberty" at the beginning of 2011. To obtain a copy by mail, please send your application to the address or E mail svaboda@rferl.org Minsk 220005 n / a 111

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