Putin and Sidorsky rush at CES

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is convinced that Moscow, Minsk and Astana will fall to agree on the documents on the Common Economic Space to the meeting of the presidents of the three countries, to be held on December 9. He said this in St. Petersburg during the meeting of Heads of Government of the Customs Union.

According to the Russian prime minister, has on October 15 was cleared of all conceptual differences and find solutions to the most complex issues relating to energy and rail transport. As a result, today signed documents of a large part of the package. Another set of documents is in a high degree of readiness, and their signature can be timed to the summit of the presidents of the "troika" on December 9.

"I'm sure we could complete the work on the entire package SES is to this date. For its part, is set for this job. "

During the press conference, Vladimir Putin said that the duty on crude oil may be canceled, but upon ratification, and not just signing a package of documents on the establishment of the SES.

According to the Moscow political scientist Andrew Suzdaltseva, Russian prime minister, however, did not promise that duty free will and sale of petroleum abroad.

"There is nothing to worry about the Belarusian side. They would like to receive duty-free Russian oil and oil products to resell without it. This is a traditional Belarusian scheme — brokered the sale of another. "

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Finance proposed scheme under which Belarus will receive a tax-free oil in exchange for duties on petroleum products, which should be fully come to the Russian budget.

After the meeting, the "troika" of the Customs Union in St. Petersburg, Vladimir Putin said that Russia is ready to listen to the recommendations of the Economic Court of the CIS and zabiranne temporarily suspend the duty on oil products delivered to Belarus. He noted that This topic touched upon "this debate will continue" at a meeting with Sergei Sidorsky. However, according to Putin, the Belarusian side knows the position of Russia, and the previously signed contracts must be respected.

Andrew Suzdaltsev said:

Russia stimulates rather Lukashenko to sign these documents, knowing that he will not do them.

"The Belarusian side in a hurry to sign the documents on the CES. He expects that by signing them and quickly ratified, will insure the recognition of the results of voting on December 19 presidential election. Russia will be forced to recognize these elections, as president, who defeated them, will ensure the implementation of these agreements. Russia stimulates rather Lukashenko to sign these documents, knowing that he will not do them. "

Commenting on the approach of creating a single economic space of the Russian political scientist Andrei Fedorov said:

"They are still concerned that Belarus is now, at least outwardly, vigorously maintains contacts with the West, particularly with the European Union. It is possible that they are afraid that the impact of Belarus with it. So they want to hold her back. It's hard to think that they are so concerned about our well-being that slow possible rather do us good. This is something I little hard to believe. "

The customs union or a common customs tariff runs from January 1, this year. In July, came into force on the Customs Code of the Customs Union. Finally, all customs barriers should be eliminated by July 2011. Common economic space of the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan should make full in 2012.


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