Relic monsters come out of hibernation?

September 10, 2012 15:45

Relic monsters come out of hibernation?A former employee of NASA, and now a researcher of anomalous and para-normal phenomena Michael Cohen introduced the world to a video that proves, in his opinion, that prehistoric or, scientifically, the relic, the animals still exist.

Russian mammoths live contrary to textbook

In the video, made somewhere in the Chukotka Autonomous District, Big creature covered with brown hair that goes wade turbulent river. It is very similar to the hairy elephant, or, rather, a mammoth, because if you want it is possible to distinguish something like proboscis. There is also a huge and tusks.

According to some, the author of the video is a Russian citizen (his name is not called), a civil engineer, who came to Chukotka to work on road construction. During one of the areas of intelligence he had witnessed a miracle of nature — the living mammoth.

Michael Cohen says that the likelihood of mammoths in Siberia does exist. In his opinion, the lesser known of the region can be quite suitable place to inhabit these ancient and thought to be extinct creatures.

"It is possible that some of the species is extinct, some places still are small populations", — quotes the edition of Cohen's The Daily Mail.

The researcher believes that the Russian government may be aware of the mammoth, but hides it. After all, if it is known that in Siberia still live these ancient animals, says Cohen, the authorities' plans to develop the region is threatened.

As we know from textbooks, the last herd of woolly mammoths lived on Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean Five thousand years ago — in the era of building the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge. Today on Earth "hairy elephants", according to scientists, no.

However, throughout Siberia to the Bering Strait until now portrayed stories of surviving to the present day shaggy colossi up to 5 meters and weighing up to 12 tons. More information about this can be found in the special edition of "anomalous news" "Relic Zoo Russia" in December last year.

In particular, local historian P. Gorodtsov in "Yearbook of Tobolsk Province Museum" in 1908 reported the words of the old hunter from the village Zabolotie that near Tobolsk, the following: "Mammoth exists on Earth, and so far, only a small amount: this animal now very rare. External their appearance and body structure it resembles an elk, but their size is much higher than the animals: mammoth, every five or six highest-moose … "

And one of the latest media reports that Russian geologists in Siberia seen live mammoth, appeared in the late 70's. "It was the summer of 1978, — says Brigadier miners Belyaev — our gang of soap gold on one of the tributaries of the river Indigirka. One morning, when the sun had not yet risen, near the parking lot suddenly heard the sound of muffled. Springing to his feet, we stared at each other. As if in answer to the river there was a splash of water. We grabbed a gun stealthily made his way in that direction.

When rounded a rocky ledge, our eyes had the downright incredible picture. Stood on a river shoal about a dozen who took God knows where … mammoths. Huge, shaggy animals slowly drank cold water. About half an hour we watched spellbound by these fabulous giants. Those quenching his thirst, decorous each other deeper into the thicket … "

Lagarfloutsky worm pretended to scrap the network. To not recognize

But skeptics of all these stories are treated with irony and sarcasm. The same attitude they have and the video presented by Michael Cohen. Strongly putting its authenticity into question, many commentators argue that the "Chukchi hairy creature" is very similar to the modern inhabitants of the Russian forests — the brown bear. As for the tusks and trunk, then this is not it at all, and the big fish that clubfoot seems caught and he carries in his mouth to eat on the beach.

Incidentally, a similar discussion at the same time and turned around the other, no less sensational movie also recently shot "in the land of snow and frost"

Icelandic operator amateur Hjort Kjerulf managed to capture on the river-and-Yokulsa Fetsdal that flows near the city Hrafnkelsna, he says, it's a monster.

The footage, which showed the first Icelandic broadcaster RUV, and then shared on YouTube, we can clearly see a long dark object that resembles a snake.

Local cryptozoologist immediately declared that the film got the Icelandic counterpart Nessie — Lagarfloutsky worm, living in the same lake as much since 1345.

According to legends, the monster is 91 meters in length, it has a lot of bumps and sometimes he crawls ashore. Some saw it lying curled up on the ground, others — crawling up trees. And, apparently, the monster is able to travel long distances — Numerous witnesses say that he noticed about 30 kilometers from Lake Lagarflout.

As in the case of the "Chukchi videos" on the material Hjort Kjerulf immediately collapsed Icelandic critics who are foaming at the mouth now argue that the video depicts the legendary not a worm, but a common piece of fishing net. Even created the impression that a live worm Lagarfloutsky them, in principle, do not need …

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