Resident Pravovostochnogo that disappeared under mysterious circumstances, attempt to return the memory under hypnosis

December 26, 2012 14:23


47-year-old resident of the village of Ivanovo district Pravovostochnoe, missing on 14 November and found two weeks later, still can not get over it. Mother of six does not remember any of the disappearance, or of their former lives. Now she is in the hospital Lapina special health facilities, according to "Amur truth." Woman try to return the memory through hypnosis.

Criminal investigation of the abduction continues. Experts assert that the cause of such profound amnesia could become severe psychological shock of Tatiana during extinction. Version is also not excluded the impact on the woman potent drugs. According to doctors, at this stage, to identify factors that made selchanku lapse into unconsciousness, very difficult. Will work with Tatiana hypnologist: doctors hope that this will help to "get" out of her subconscious something.

Tatyana Lapina missing the evening of 14 November. The woman went to the store and never returned. The next morning at the gate of Tatiana's son found her coat, boots and a package of food. After searching for a friend home to the police.

Consequence of the development version of the kidnapping and murder. It was assumed that a woman is dead, and her body dumped in a hole in the ice of the reservoir on the outskirts of the village. According to preliminary information, the two were involved in the disappearance of the visiting young people who visited that day in Pravovostochnom. They were arrested and began to interrogate him. First detainees denied everything, but later began to give contradictory testimony.

Woman found on November 28. Details of the incident, police officers were not disclosed. Visible injuries on the body of the victim was found.

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