Residents of Bashkiria intend to prevent chemical companies to develop the mountain

Residents of several villages Ishimbai district of Bashkortostan intend to prevent the plans of the chemical enterprise "soda" to develop Shihanov (H) Tra-tau and tau Jurack with the status of the monument of nature, for use as a raw material, RIA Novosti villager Urmanbishkadak activist movement to protect shihan Abdrakhman valid.

As reported by the JSC "Soda", the company is considering exploration mountains Tra Jurack tau and tau in connection with the projected future shortages of raw materials, which could lead to a shutdown of the plant. According to the representative of the company, supplies one of the mountains of Shah-tau, where the plant is currently taking raw materials, will last approximately until 2019. Necessary raw materials for the company is in the mountains Jurack-tau and tau-Tra, also has a proposal to use Karanskoe field. However, experts are not sure whether the raw material of the field needs "Soda."

"There is no unity nor public opinion, nor in the federal structures., But all share a common concern and apprehension:" Soda "must not be left without resources. Regarding the development, there are options Karan Jurack-tau and Tra-Tau, which will be tested in the legal parts. If it will be possible to carry out exploration of the mountains without removing the status, we are using this opportunity. This is the best option, "- said at a meeting on the eve of Sterlitamak head of Presidential Administration Vladimir Balabanov Bashkiria.

In turn, social activists are concerned that the company intends to develop a mountain for mining.

"We are very concerned about plans of the authorities of the republic to the private company to develop a natural monument. Starting a Shihanov without removing the status of a monument of nature — it is a complete violation of all the laws," — said Walid.

According to him, the residents of nearby villages are planning to install around the clock around these mountains, several hundred residents of cities Ishimbay Sterlitamak and dozens of nearby villages to hold a number of shares in defense Jurack-Tra-tau and tau. Disabilities also noted that activists intend to file an application in the environmental prosecutor's office to office professionals have undertaken a thorough review of the lawfulness of intentions enterprise.

RIA Novosti has not yet commented on the local authorities to the upcoming actions.

"The name of the mountain" Jurack Tau "is translated from the Bashkir language as" Heart Mountain. "Since ancient times, it is a cult place for the local people, there are the graves of the first preachers of Islam in the Volga region" — said Walid.

Shihan, dating back some 300 million years, are on the protected area. There are more than hundreds of varieties of plants and home to dozens of rare species of animals listed in the Red Book. On the surface of the mountain preserved prints of shellfish and marine plants. In the cluster of fossils can be found the remains of corals, sponges and algae. Scientists have found that the approximate age of the mountains more than 260 million years. In 2008 Shikhany participated in the "Seven Wonders of Russia." According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Bashkiria on February 26, 1999, there is absolutely forbidden exploration drilling, explosives research, mining rocks, felling, planting trees, every building and grazing.

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