Residents of the village have left the house immediately Voskresenka

The storm in the village of Ai Voskresenka area was damaged pipeline. About three hours ago, the villagers initially felt shaking, then there was a heavy cotton, and the air smelled gas.

Rescuers, who managed to get through to one of the citizens, were ordered immediately to all leave their homes. Currently, about 50 people gathered on the mountain before Voskresenka. About to drive up the rescuers, doctors, policemen, gas workers. The incident is reported to the management of Hai district.

Our reporter managed to contact the press service of the Main Department of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Orenburg region and get an official comment on the incident. Head of department of information and public relations management Tatiana Samoilov confirmed information we had already voiced and added that the incident occurred at 23.30 on pipeline Orenburg Dombarovka. Damaged gas pipe diameter is 1200 mm.

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