Residents Smolensk Lakeland introduces a trance fireball

July 25, 2012 14:18

Photo by Sergei Prokhorov

Visits because of the fireball local chickens were laying eggs with two yolks

Przhevalskoye resort village in the Demidov's among promisticheski minded audience has long been considered anomalous zone, as well as the entire territory of the National Park "Smolensk Lakeland." Often witnessed unusual events are a group of tourists and families of local residents. Most recently Przhevalskoye again proved its UFO "Mecca" of Smolensk.

Fireball impressive size observed on the night of July 15, residents of the village Przhevalskoye Street Pier.

Dachnitsa from Smolensk Elena Ivanov and his son Vitaly watching TV. Shortly before midnight, the family turned off the TV and suddenly their attention was drawn to a different sight. The first "something" said Vitaly to the window and called her mother. Looking out the window, Helen, in her words, was almost speechless on the far side of the street parallel to the ground the ball sailed over the houses bright orange.

— I was overcome by a strange torpor: dry mouth, move from place no strength. Also in this state was the son — says Elena. — Later I realized that we froze, as if hypnotized, after it stopped there. A few minutes later a strange transformation took place by itself. Whenever I move, both started off and the ball.
Just a couple of weeks ago, Elena Ivanova would strongly denied the existence of any of the mystical phenomena. "If someone is told — to laugh or treatment advised," — she said. In the common version of ball lightning Helen strongly believes: "We have a friend, a meteorologist, so I know that ball lightning could not fly well. It would inevitably come across tree branches that covered her way. "
The peculiar appearance of side effects of the fireball, according to eyewitness, was manifest on pets. A few days after the visit of the strange inhabitants of the neighboring streets of the village noticed strange — their chickens are laying eggs with two yolks. In addition, neighbors Ivanov for a few days away from the house cats and dogs.
— UFO appears in the village Przhevalskoye not for the first time, — says Sergey Prokhorov, local history enthusiasts. — Witnesses "plates" have repeatedly resort vacationers and tourists, located on the shore of Lake Sapsho. A few years ago, a mysterious object was spotted on a summer evening two girls in the same street embankment.
Ivanov await the next appearance of the ball: "We and the camera just in case, keep on hand. Only I wonder why it is a miracle to us arriving? "
— We can not take responsibility for the fact that they themselves were not observed, — says Vladimir SUKRISTOV, director of Smolensk city planetarium. — In the visible part of the sky for us our staff is nothing unusual in not recently mentioned. Even speculate about some "fireball" would be on our side at least correctly.
— I tend to assume from the description that this is still a fireball — commented Hope Pechuritsa, ufologist, an expert on post-exposure recovery. — Most likely, this is connected with the object and watched his men froze together. Do not forget that the fireballs are different, and they behave differently. In addition, Przhevalskoye — not anomalous zone. On the contrary, I would say that this is a very "pure", bright place. Whatever it was, I think, that this is not a UFO.

Xenia Matveeva

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