Riddles stone people

October 3, 2012 21:27

In Europe, too, there are those who can rightfully be called a people-monuments or, more precisely, stone people

Sadhu (ie monk-hermit) Bharati Amar Baba for the past 38 years with right hand with the fingers clenched in fist raised above his head and, according to, for all this time, did not draw it for a second. Oddly enough, over the years, with the withered hand sticking out in all directions, nails become something of a symbol of faith for a large number of Hindus who worship Lord Shiva.

Forty years ago, Amar does not stand out from the mass of their fellow citizens. He had a job, a house, a wife and three children, but that did not stop him at one point to drop everything in order to devote the rest of his life to serving the Lord Shiva.

Amar was wandering around India, living on alms and spending days and nights in constant prayer. However, he preached the divine commandments and teaches people the right way. Very soon it began to read like a saint, and he was a welcome guest in the house of any believer.

After three years of wandering sadhus thought he was still a prisoner of worldly delights, there is still a weak link with the past "I" and to finally break it, he held up his right hand and swore an oath that will not lower her until her death.

According to another version, Amar Bharati so upset by the fact that all human history was based on wars, he decided to raise his right hand for the glory of love and peace.

In 38 years of being in an upright position joints hands completely atrophied, so Bharati, even if really wanted, now she can not act.

Sadhu admits that at first felt pain, but after seven years of his hand has lost all sensitivity, and after 15 years, he had forgotten about its existence. But instead of a lost limb sadhu found harmony with the inner "I". In addition, the all-India Amar became a celebrity and is revered as a holy believers.

Amar his act inspired many who followed in his footsteps. Thus, in the village of Chitra, in the western part of India, twenty years ago there was a silent man, he lay down on a mat near the small tea shop and … do not budge.

He did not change clothes for years, not washed, no one saw him standing on your feet or sleeping. Neither the time nor the contrasts of climate it does not exist. Occasionally, it takes a little bit of food and water from the hands of visitors, but for some reason, giving preference to one, it is not responding to the invitation of others.

Dr. K. Das from the local hospital said, "no one can explain this phenomenon from a medical point of view. It ignores the laws of nature. I've been watching him for 15 years. He only alternate poses — it sits, it is, but do not leave a single step. Recovers immediately, but … never odor is not there. All this is beyond human understanding. Nobody ever saw him signs of illness, though he has not protected from the vagaries of nature. Some supernatural force guides all his strange life. "

Years pass, and the creature with no name, no age, speech, appearance does not change. Tourists call him a man-monument.

LIVE "monument"

It should be noted that in India, these "monuments" a lot. For example, living in Chamunda Devi temple monk Ram Dayal Sanihar Mooney gained enormous popularity in the country due to the fact that the last nine years spent on your feet, not once during that time did not even sat down.

How does this 52-year-old monk, he is doing everything standing — eating, going to the toilet and even sleeping. While he never had a desire to sit down.

It all started with the fact that Ram made a vow not to sit down and stay for 41 days — for self-mortification in order to accelerate his enlightenment. But at the end of the time limit, he felt the need to continue the stoic heroism.
"I do not know what happened to me. I felt that God had given me extra energy and strengthened the desire to continue to stay on your feet, — said today the monk. — I have no idea how long it can last. While I fight me, and I am sure that this is possible only by the will of God. "

In the temple daily flock from all over the country, hundreds of admirers of a holy man to ask for his blessing, and bring gifts. The funds had already been built holy one temple. And Ram vowed not sit down until you have the money for the construction of two more temples.

Another Indian monk, Agastya from Bengal, aims to raise money to build a church in front of you did not set, but still only for religious reasons sat in yoga posture with a raised right hand for a full ten years — before moving to the next world. Birds settle in his arm slot and hatching, and Agastya not even move.

According to many fans, Agastya was a man for whom pleasure and physical pain — nothing but an illusion, because he preached the cult of Maitreya.

Of course, at first he was bad enough, but over time continue to sit so on Agastya (and Amara Bharati Baba) is not difficult: his hand as if frozen, it almost ceased circulation. In the end, the monk's hand completely ceased to act and feel. And even after his death remained elevated. When Agastya put into the grave, to put body to the ground, his hand was in the same position …

When muscles to stone

In Europe, too, there are phenomena that can rightfully be called a people-monuments or, more precisely, stone people. But they are so far from the glory of a God.

In the British media never tire of discussing today the story of 15 year old girls, which gradually turns into a "living statue".

At a young resident of Albion is a very rare genetic disease in which the body forms the additional bones and makes muscles and connective tissue to bone. As a result, bone growths gradually lead to breakdowns in all joints up to complete immobility and literally fossils.

Doctors call this disease ossificans progressive fibrodisplations (POF).

Fibrodisplations already fixed hands Shawnee Nemmok in bent position and significantly reduced the mobility of its spine.

The diagnosis was made three years ago when, after a fall on his back in a painful bruise appeared tight formation. Dropping posed girl to confirm the diagnosis, caused overgrowth of bone, immobilize her left elbow.

According to Shawnee, it has to come out of class for a few minutes before the break to prevent accidental shocks in the hallway. While walking friends obscure it from passers-by.

There are currently no treatments for this disease, which in the world suffers from about 2.5 thousand people. In the same UK POF "marked" 55-year-old Robert Kinghorn, who was diagnosed put in two years, when he stopped to turn neck.

A choice between sitting and standing, he had to do in 1980. He decided that it is better to stand, and since then has never sat. Doctors predicted Robert Kinghornu rapid death. But he was a man with a strong character and is still alive.

Today Robert has every minute overcome enormous difficulties. True, he has four assistants. At home, he is moved to a special cart with a motor, and sleeps on a special bed, which in "idle" state is in an upright position. Going up and leaning back on her, Robert with the remote brings it to its normal horizontal position.

POF-children are born normal, with the exception of congenital malformation of the big toe (usually no joint). Then they formed the patients tumors that by changing the position of the body and disappearing very quickly paralyze the body, forming a "second" skeleton. The disease can progress or speed up spontaneously from the injury.

Expert on progressive ossificans fibrodisplations Dr. Frederick Kaplan, director of the Laboratory PEF at Pennsylvania State University, is currently in search POF gene. Isolation of his will accelerate research and may lead to finding effective treatments and to complete healing "stone" people.


Meanwhile, Uruguayan Martin Rugg beat Panama his own record, standing for 20 hours and 44 minutes without traffic. His achievement was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

A covered from head to toe with paint artist, depicting a bronze statue, set up his record in the city's central park Omar Torrijos. For almost a day it was, without the slightest movement under police protection, and under the supervision of representatives of the record books and hundreds of curious onlookers.

Bharati Amar Baba for the past 38 years with right hand with the fingers clenched in fist raised above his head

A few years ago ragga just stood 18 hours. But his new achievement record, which many viewers called "human statue" regards "as a wonderful decoration of his professional artistic career."

Condition in order to set the record was considered, there was only one — in the course of the test are allowed to move only his eyes and naturally breathe.

When asked how he managed not to relieve themselves for so long, "human statue" explained that the secret to fitness and nutrition, which is based on dried fruits.

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