Rivers burst their banks in Ingushetia, people evacuated

Government of Ingushetia reported the evacuation of about 700 people from the area Jeirakh Republic in connection with the flooding of settlements over the banks of the rivers, and the North Caucasus regional center of Russian Emergency Situations Ministry said the evacuation of a few people.

"In the last three or four days in Ingushetia marked by heavy rains, accompanied by squally winds on the plains. Some towns dropped, and hail, and therefore all the rivers of the republic emerged from the coast and towns Jeirakh area were flooded," — said RIA Novosti in the government.

According to the source, in the area of emergency was declared.

"Right now, about 700 people are placed in summer camp" Targim "and in the sanatorium" Armkhi. "Completely cut off from the mainland are residents of two mountain villages, Olgetti and Guli, basic products they rescue trafficked by air," — said the representative of the government.

He added that the catastrophe, damaged roads, bridges, trees, power lines and roofs of houses. "Now the situation has stabilized, undergoing renovation, calculated damage," — he said.

Meanwhile, the head of the press service of the North Caucasus Regional Emergency Center Cantemir Davydov Russia denied the evacuation of hundreds of people from villages Jeirakh area, noting that out of the flooded area were taken only a few people.

"And 700 people — people who are in the camp and motels, they are provided with all necessary and will not be evacuated, they are in no danger," — he said.

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