Romanchuk Yarmoshina offered to go to Paris

Today, the Central Election Commission held a formal registration of presidential candidates. From 11-minute exam applicants stand 10, — all except the Vitebsk entrepreneur Vladimir Pravalski. Thus, a new record for the candidates in the presidential election. In 1994, the figure was 7 in 2001 and 2006 — 4.

The ceremony of the official registration took place in the Palace of the Republic. Of the candidates in person it did not appear the three — Alexander Lukashenko, Nyaklyayeu andVitaly Rymashevski. Their interests are represented at the meeting, Alexander Radkov respectively, Vasily Leonov and Pavel Seviarynets.

On the "personal matters" candidates reports CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik. Claims Commission were to Ales Mikhalevich, whose wife showed in the declaration earned more money than it received in fact, toVladimir Neklyaeva, who failed to declare the 20 shares to 30 rubles each toVictor Tereshchenko, which is not specified in the declaration VAZ, which, as it turned out, was "in the hijacking"; toDzmitry Us, who underestimated their annual income of 4.5 million rubles. However, in all these cases, the Secretary of the Central Election Commission to register the proposed candidates. Which was unanimously made by the Commission.

After registration is complete, the CEC Chairman Lidiya Yarmoshyna in an interview with reporters estimated that, as a continuation of liberal policy in this election. And she said that the start of trade-offs must be considered from registration of the initiative group Neklyaeva

During the inspection of the subscription lists all the doubts that met interpreted exclusively in favor of potential presidential candidates.

"We also found it possible to ignore the error in the declaration of income and property. And during the verification of signature lists all the doubts that met interpreted exclusively in favor of potential presidential candidates. "

Separately examined the case Vladimir Pravalski, who, according to the Central Election Commission, gave the electoral commission only 118 original signatures. And all the others — a fake. Mr. Pravalski who disagreed, offered for three days to ask the Supreme Court.

All of the candidates or their agents, if received certificates, had the opportunity to make a brief speech. And Yaroslav Romanchuk also presented a book of Lydia Yarmoshina. That responded to the gift as follows:

"Yaroslav Cheslavovich, my question is: a book about Paris — is a mockery or comfort?

Romanchuk"In fact, this is the question about the election. If they are democratic, then each of us, including you, will be able to visit this beautiful city. "

Andrei Sannikov In his speech mentioned the name of the former chairman of the Central Election Commission of Viktor Gonchar and offered to honor his memory with a minute of silence

"Our country is now called the last dictatorship in Europe. It's a shame for the country. But it is a fair assessment of the current situation in Belarus. We can name the exact date when the country began to roll to the dictatorship. This Nov. 14, 1994, when he was illegally removed from office the chairman of the Central Election Commission of Viktor Gonchar. "

Thus, the officially registered candidates is the tenth But if they get to the finish the race? In answering this question, "Freedom", Lidiya Yarmoshyna said that it all depends on the future behavior of applicants:

"If they violate the law, for example, using the money of foreign citizens or organizations — is cause for cancellation of registration. With the base of unconditional if it is proved. Or the repeated warning of the candidate or his initiative group. This is also a reason to cancel the registration. "

Today, the draw order of speeches of presidential candidates. The debate between them will take place in the air. Participation in the debate — voluntary.

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