Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the Vatican — who are they, really?

Chief investment bank Rothschild Group "Goldman Sachs" in 2005 for the next decade predicted China's growth of 10% a year and began to transfer its operational base in the Celestial Empire.


And in the background started in autumn 2008 global financial crisis and global economic decline of the West, firmly states that in 2009, China's gross domestic product will grow by 9.4%. However, the main investment bank of the Rockefeller "Merrill Lynch" China did not, leave a base of operations in the U.S., and with the beginning of the crisis came to a line of bankruptcy and was bought out by another bank of the Rockefeller "Bank of America".

David Rockefeller

The answer to these questions:

  1. "Why banking group Rothschild banking group plays Rockefeller?"
  2. "Who will be this beneficiary (beneficiary) of the global financial and economic crisis"?
  3. "Russia's place in conjunction with the forces of the U.S. and China," is impossible without an understanding of the conceptual foundations of globalism.

From a strategic assessment principles extract wealth from the "power of money" during the passing of the industrial consumer society XVII — XX centuries suggests three main ways: lending rate, exchange rate, and the reputation of the human factor (capitalization expectations or goodwill).

In the most general and the condition for a way to extract these three "wealth out of nothing" in the world financial oligarchy (a very complicated pattern of the financial International) in the XIX — XX century were as follows: The cost of borrowing staked Banking Group Rockefellers. On the exchange rate — the Rothschild banking group. And on the "goodwill" — the Vatican's banking group, long time no entry and loan interest and speculation on the exchange rate of any three accounting items of value (gold — silver — copper, or, for example, the British pound — the Japanese yen — U.S. dollar).


During the Industrial Revolution, the banking group Rockefeller entrenched financial flows from the oil economy and the military-industrial complex. For the Rothschild banking group — control the world's reserves of precious metals and precious stones, pyramid schemes, and "liquidity reserve" in the form of drugs (opium). A banking group for the Vatican — the financial flows of the "human capital" and the "knowledge economy."


If we talk about the degree of wisdom in leadership continuity of these three groups, the most extensive and continuous historical experience managing global processes has the Vatican. He is a senior. Middle position is the Rothschild banking group, which was formed only in the XVIII century. A very young, energetic and ambitious — Banking Group Rockefellers.

In banking groups have actors — influential media for their views on the world.

The emblem of the Order of Opus Dei

In the not manifest, in secret, the conceptual and organizational terms, now the subject of wealth "human capital" stands Prelature of the Holy See — the order "Opus Dei" (work of the Lord.) It combines old-European, predominantly Roman-German aristocracy. So-called "grand piano — Riegle." Headquarters deployed to King Juan Carlos of Spain. The place is a picture of dedication Velasquez "Minin" in the Prado Museum in Madrid (mirror image depicts King Philip IV of Habsburg).

Velazquez painting "Minin"

The subject of financial resources of the Group's equity stands Rothschild Masonic Order of world Jewry, "B'nai B'rith" (Sons of the Covenant). He is the "All-Seeing Eye of Zion." The main cell network in London and Hong Kong. Place oath — Wailing Wall in Jerusalem (the remainder foundation of Solomon's Temple).

Meeting between Medvedev and Rothschild

The subject of industrial capital wealth of the Rockefellers playing the Masonic Order of the bourgeoisie, the so-called "Illuminati" (enlightenment). It combines predominantly white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Its headquarters are in the U.S. at Yale.

The emblem of B'nai B'rith

All the rituals of recognition of various public figures of high standing these actors the world's wealth is now no comment on TV.

The twentieth century was the century of rapid industrial development with the transfer of fuel and energy from wood and coal to oil and gas and metal-intensive deployment of military-industrial complex. In the credit of the industrial breakthrough succeeded young Rockefeller banking group. Sophisticated centuries of experience to an industrial society, the Vatican and the Rothschild Group overshadowed global governance processes. And unlimited lending rate and prevailed over the bounding box of the gold standard, the Rothschilds and the common sense of responsibility to future generations to the Vatican. Outstanding monetary pumping, as the real economy and the new economy of virtual data products come off from the natural values of earthly riches. By 2008, providing investment banks dollar emission of Rockefeller became even use such hypothetical things like stocks, "Helium-3" on the moon. Outstanding economy industrialism has exhausted itself. The global financial crisis looming over the countries of the "golden billion" and, above all, over the United States.

Chinese Empire Rothschild

Rothschild Group took maneuver start transferring his base of operations from the U.S. to China, remain, by definition, Marx "Asiatic mode of production" and having independence from the West a huge domestic market in half a billion consumers-consumers. A Vatican, after unsuccessful attempts to start the 70's bare sores Masonic economics and politics (case box "P-2" in Italy, and the sudden death of Pope John Paul I, on the throne of all samples for 33 days) is now once again trying to take over the position of a third force fray. Battle for leadership in the post-industrial world over remain in the U.S. Rockefeller Group and going to China of the Rothschilds.

Distinguishing signs of the times, the balance of power as of mid-2009 is as follows

Obama at the Wailing Wall

In the USA.Before taking office, the new 44th President Barack Hussein Obama made a private visit to Jerusalem, and putting on the top of "pile" (a little black Jewish cap) at the Wailing Wall swore allegiance to the "Sons of the Covenant". This is a sure sign that the alleged Rockefeller group and develops the Illuminati, the neoconservatives in the Bush administration's exit from the crisis in America's war (or a limited world, but nuclear) postponed. A version of the Rothschild Managed collapse of paper and electronic dollar as the unit of account of world trade and revaluation of the economy in the new accounting units, linked to gold is accepted. In this case, after the revaluation of assets, further direction of a breakthrough in the post-industrial world appointed global technology revolution (nano-bio-info-cognitive convergence).

As for following the first wave of the crisis of unprecedented global economic dollar pump (from September to May 2009, the U.S. Federal Reserve, without reflection on the balance sheet has issued 9.5 trillion USD and distributed them at 0.25% per annum), it made for a term of buying real assets in favor of the Rothschilds. And looks like a sedative correcting stock market.

Ahead of the U.S. as the second wave of the crisis. In this case, the Rockefeller group is in the "hold" position paper dollar loan economy. Hold dollar they provide a demonstration of military power every three years: 1999 — a blow to Yugoslavia, 2001 — attacks on Afghanistan, 2003 — attack on Iraq. Until there was a "historic failure" and an attack on Iran and North Korea continue to be postponed. The course of the Rockefellers — slow hyperinflation (for a second term Bush dollar slowly sank 30%).

Rothschild Group is in a position to advance. They hold the course for a sudden state default U.S. dollar, zero accounts as virtual wealth and debt and revaluation in ounces of gold. That group Rothschild serves in the U.S. as "a corporation Zero» (Zero), outbids assets and preparing to launch a default no later than the fall of 2010.

As for President Obama's policy BH, is acting as the guard of the Rockefeller and Rothschild group, it seems to follow the advice of Brzezinski with the capitalization rate expectations and reputation.

In Russia. Second, Russian President Vladimir Putin introduction to world affairs held in Europe: in the cradle of the German spirit Dresden. And now, the lion's share of Russia's wealth gives "grouping the Vatican," and the rest dovorovyvaet himself and his team, simultaneously destroying the Russian population.

During the state visit to Spain was initiated in the affairs of "Opus Dei." In 2007, as the successor of the "Third Rome," was accepted into the circle of "Royal" (photos of naked in the bath with the Prince of Monaco Albert II). In an important speech at the Munich-American Vladimir Putin, in fact, opposed the Rockefeller group. And, as head of the government, all the gas pipelines in the country is the successor of the Holy Roman Empire, Germany and Italy.

It is noteworthy that during a state visit to Israel, the Jewish orthodox, despite the night, did not let Putin to the Western Wall and the ceremonial oath of "All-Seeing Eye of Zion," Putin, wearing a "pile", brought to the third category at the monument to victims of the Holocaust. Vladimir Putin is planting representative of the Rothschilds in Russia, Mikhail Khodorkovsky in prison explains many anti-Chinese attacks in Russia. And, like all the tightening and the frustration of laying oil and gas pipelines to China are the de facto measures directed not against China but against the Rothschild group undergoing its operating base in China.

Third, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev as successor to Vladimir Putin in 2007, was presented to the international community as a representative of the Rockefeller Davos in Russia Chubais AB (Member of the board of directors of the largest bank groups Rockefeller "JP Morgan Chase"). During the state visit to Spain by visiting the Prado Medvedev DA ritual stop before a painting of Velazquez 'Las Meninas "and the recognition of the" Royal "has failed. Before taking office, the President of the Russian Federation ritual approach to the Western Wall did not commit, and according to this the "Sons of the Covenant" is not recognized. Essence — mostly tied to the Rockefellers.

Emblem Yale

Thus, in the face of Russia President Medvedev follows in line with the interests of the Rockefellers. In the face of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin guided by the interests of the European "grand piano", who do not like the Rockefeller group. And both formal tops duumvirate opposes the interests of the Rothschilds.

Since leadership is duumvirate for Putin, the distribution, in Russia, "interests" (interest on capital) looks like this: 50% (gas) — in favor of "Royal" and 25% (oil) — in favor of the Rockefellers. With 50% — it's money in private capital Coalition Putin and their placement in the German banks in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. A 25% — is the public funds of Russia, located in the English-speaking banks Rockefellers.

Putin's course during the crisis can be distinguished from the speech of Mr. Schroeder, who said that by 2015, natural gas consumption in Europe will increase to 200 billion cubic meters Russia currently supplies to Europe 180-190 bcm of gas per year, and with the commissioning of pipelines (Blue-2, South and North Stream) plans to deliver up to 400 billion cubic meters That is, all of the gas Russia, Central Asia and even Iran's plan does not get Putin and Chinese factory Rothschilds XXI century, and power in Europe. This geopolitical choice VV Putin in favor of an alliance with Russia "Royal" in the peak and the Illuminati, and the Sons of the Covenant.

China, by a group of Rothschild (by G-2) is rapidly increasing bank gold reserves: in 2007 + 600 tons, in 2008 + 700 tons, according to the plan in 2010 + 1300 tonnes (while the entire gold reserves of the Russian Federation, and he pledged, — about 400 tons) and by the time the Rothschilds revaluation of dollar assets linked to the weight of gold new accounting units, is going to become the main beneficiaries of the collapse of the paper dollar. Already in 2012, the "Black Dragon" China intends to circumvent the U.S. total strength of the economy, culture, military, diplomatic, intelligence, "to transfer strategic frontier of the national territory," and become a "world power of the first order."

Prevent or at least postpone the implementation of the plans they want, above all, "hold" of the Rockefeller Group. "Royal" also want to benefit from the layout of the two active players: China with the Rothschilds against the U.S. with a group of Rockefellers.

Andrew Devyatov
August 26, 2009


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