Russ and Khaganate

Now everyone knows that the Khazar Khanate is a Turkic-Nakh-Jewish state that existed in the steppes of the south-eastern part of European Russia in VII-X centuries.

The authorities in this country were the Jews, the army and the police were the ancestors of the Chechens, and the general population of the Khazar Khanate were the ancestors of the Tatars. This parasite-cal state as an agent of trade and collecting fees from Russian merchants, floating on the Volga and the Don. The basic earnings Khazars were from the slave trade. They ordered the seizure of Hungarians and Pechenegs Russian peasants into slavery and sold slaves to the Christian Byzantine Empire and Muslim Khorezm and Persia.

But few people know that while Russia was under the yoke of the Khazars, and the activities of the Kiev prince controlled Khazar tudun. No, not the Khazars conquered Russia. Quite simply, the Kiev hazrskim merchants owe lenders and forced the prince to pay for them regardless of the state. Kiev was paying tribute to the Khazars, a tribute not only money, but also a tribute to swords, that is, the warriors. Slavs supplied Khazars rather large military units, and if they were defeated, the soldiers were executed.

Tudun were the de facto rulers of Kiev, just as in most of the Khazars in the name of the rated power is exercised by the Turkic Kagan Jewish Kahal, the face of the person referred to in tyurksiki beg, but in the Hebrew Ha-Melech. The first was in Tudun 839 Khazar governor Almus. One of these was the famous Tudun Dir, Prophetic Oleg killed with Prince Askold during the capture of Kiev in 882. After that Oleg two years fought with the Khazars and until 939 years saved Russia from their power.

However, in that same year, 939 Khazar governor Passover ambushed returning from a raid by Russian troops, broke it, and then sacked Kiev and restored in Russia Khazar domination. Again became tributary princes Khaganate. It is in order to pay tribute to the Khanate, Igor arranged polyude — collected tribute from subordinates Kiev Slavonic tribes.
And then came the fall 945. Prince Igor had just paid tribute to the Khazars, the next, but this time the size of the tribute Khazars found insufficient. Igor had to go back to the people and re-extract the honey and skins for Khazarian tribute. So he came back to the land drevlyan, where he was killed.

In this event, there is another version. According to this version of Igor drevlyans killed at the instigation of the Khazars. The fact that the year before, Igor, 941 to 944 a year at war with Byzantium on demand Khaganate, suddenly made peace with the Empire and made it non-aggression pact. The pact has been added to the section of the secret protocol between Russia and the Empire of the Crimea and Northern Black Sea.

At that time the ground rules Drevlyane Prince Mal. Rather, it is the distortion of the Jewish Slavic name Malchus, meaning "king." The word is the same root with said already ha-Melech. Perhaps his mother was hazaryankoy. This most Malchus and ambushed squad Igor.

The ancient Slavs was the custom when the prince who would kill, the prince and becomes. Expected to do so, and Malchus. After killing the prince, he set himself to take possession of all that he had, including the wife of Igor, Olga, but she was not about to become the wife of a Malchus, the man who killed her husband. Therefore, playing with the wedding comedy, Olga broke all these drevlyan with their Prince.

Later Olga tried to enlist the support of Byzantium against the Khanate, but the Greeks set the terms baptism. Olga accepted it. She advised to Orthodoxy and Svyatoslav, but he replied: "Kako az want Institute adoption of the common law? And unto my squad smeyatisya start. " In terms of the current language, this is: "You're human, mother, me, my boys zaprikalyvayut."

Despite the baptism of Olga, help from Byzantium never recovered and matured Svyatoslav had to rely on their own strength.

After all, July 3, 968, Prince Svyatoslav defeated the Khazar army and wiped Itil, the Khazar Samandar and other cities, and all the Khazar gold was thrown into the Volga, as retainers Svyatoslav was, as they say, zapadlo take his wealth, acquired on human trafficking. The expression "Money does not smell" was in those days, apparently, still unknown to our ancestors.

PS Despite the fact that the Khazar Khanate was defeated, geopolitical niche in which it existed, was empty for long — first tip Italic Kahal fled to the Crimea, from where moved to Venice. At the beginning of the XIII century Venetian intrigues — former Italic — Kahal crushed Byzantium, redirecting her fourth trip Crusaders. Then, when moving from the main trade routes from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, in Venice there was nothing to catch the former Italic Kahal moved to London, and in the twentieth century, he moved to the United States. By mass culture and food, filled with hormones, the average American Khaganate turned into fat being indifferent to intelligence of eight children. Now, the descendants of the Khazar Tudun and Ha-Melech parasitic on Americans to help rob and steal from the whole world.

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