Russia is not a third world country, but almost

Devastation in RussiaRussia took the 66th place in the ranking of human development published by the United Nations. Thus, the year of the country holding the 2010 65th place, down to one line, although the absolute figure — human development index — rose from 0.719 to 0.755.

In 2011, Russia is situated between Belarus and Grenada. Above it were countries such as Libya and Cuba. First place in the rankings, as two years before, took Norway. Last position went to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rating takes into account all 187 countries, compared with 169 a year earlier.

The human development index (Human Development Index, HDI) takes into account indicators such as life expectancy, education and GDP per capita. Since 1990, he published together with the UN Human Development Report. Report in 2011 drew attention to the fact that the increase in the index often accompanied by environmental problems, as well as the fact that empowerment contributes to the improvement of living standards. The report also shows the relationship between sustainable development and equal opportunities.


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