Russia still does not change the amount of duty-free oil for Belarus

Russia is planning to January 1, 2011 and prior to the ratification of the SES keep the amount of duty-free oil supplies to Belarus at the 2010 level.

This is the Petroleum Information Agency Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko.

Earlier, Belarus asked Russia to increase the supply of duty-free oil 2011 to 6.7 million tonnes from 6.3 million tonnes in 2010.

"We have not confirmed these volumes. We had such an arrangement, that we look to October, and if domestic oil consumption will grow in Belarus 2011y, then we would then consider the possibility of increasing, but we do not have such information. January 1, we expect to deliver oil to Belarus at the previously agreed schedule. There is an approved delivery schedule of duty-free oil, as well as the schedule of customs volumes, "- said the Minister.

According to Shmatko, the whole question of duty-free oil supplies to Belarus will be governed by the terms of entry into force of a single economic space.

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