Russian Foreign Ministry reacted to the statement Lukashenko

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich: "Once again, from Minsk heard reproaches to a number of Russian media, which allegedly incorrectly interpret the situation in Belarus.

Such statements Belarusian representatives are deeply regretted.

Instead of a serious analysis of the challenges that really is going through Belarusian society, the international situation that has developed around Belarus and search measures to address them, in Minsk decided to take the path of least resistance. Of course, it's easier to find the culprits outside Belarus and simply prohibit this country activities of a number of media. But this is unlikely to help the creative work, to improve the atmosphere of Russian-Belarusian relations, the realization of our important agreements. It can only do harm "

May 27 Alexander Lukashenko accused some media outlets, including Russian, in stirring up the situation on the currency and consumer markets, "Most of hysteria in the Russian media. I watched and for "our" foreign media who are here, thanks to the administration. I will not name them, not to create them score. But do your best to make more of these media were not present on our territory. And not because we want them to close my mouth, I saw that all the hype was observed from there. "


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