Russian sailors caught in the trap of the Bermuda Triangle

July 16, 2012 22:11

Yacht "Scorpius" with Petersburgers on board for the third day could not leave mystical Atlantic region, where they imagined the pillars of clouds and glowing orbs.

Russian yacht "Scorpius," the St. Petersburg sailors still can not get out of the Bermuda Triangle, which is stuck on a Friday the 13th. Once the vessel was struck by lightning, down came onboard instruments and navigational equipment. All but the GLONASS system. But the area in the Atlantic Ocean is known to mariners as a place with the complex natural phenomena.

From the words of the captain, "Scorpius," yacht as if walking in a circle. Due to strong winds the direction and speed of currents is constantly changing. All this does not allow the crew to escape from the abnormal area. Despite the fact that the team is not inclined to believe in the mystical events described in the literature, mariners recognize that observed during the storm on Friday 13th unusual.

According to NTV, the sailors saw pillars of clouds, like the misty wall, as well as circles and glowing balls that appear and disappear again. True, the record is happening no one can: a pilot fighting for his life with the elements.

Now the crew of the yacht moored at one of the islands in St. George. After the rest, the team is going back to attempt to break out of the shackles of the Bermuda Triangle. The next goal of sailors — the island of Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean. And where should start the second circumnavigation sailing. If they do not have time to early October exit from the Arctic, the ship can be trapped by ice.

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