Russian School — destruction system of children

Yesterday at a Moscow roundtable discussed the health of Russian schoolchildren. Moreover, in the broadest sense of the word — starting and ending with a view of reproduction.

Everything was bad. Every tenth pupil undernourished — we are talking primarily about animal protein, that is about meat. Because of this, disadvantaged pupils deteriorating memory, increases fatigue and, consequently, decreases performance.

In affluent children with food also not good. As noted at the round table, inflation plate with a school lunch is getting smaller and worse quality. Almost all school cafeterias children are fed properly. Experts notice a shortage or lack of fish on the menu, vegetable oils, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. While there is a surplus of animal fats.

Russian doctors conducted an experiment examined the future on the eve of the first graders on September 1, and then — at the end of the school year. It was found that for the first 9 months of every fourth child had problems with the cardiovascular system. Doctors attribute this primarily to the abundance of fatty foods.

On the whole, the food culture in Russia, as the experts, is poor. Children at home also eat properly: instead of vegetable cutlets — smoked sausage.

According to doctors, some children do not want to eat in school cafeterias because they prepare "is not, as a mom." To the question about what they would like to eat at school every day, 39% of the students said, "dumplings". Another 17% would prefer fried potatoes.

Because of all this in the dining room usually do not give students more depressed, which is already a long time constant companion of modern children.

It turns out that "happy childhood", for which previously relied someone there to say "thank you" can not be called happy today — among students from developed and developed countries regarding Russian children consider themselves the most unhappy. In any case, at the round table were presented the following data: 80% of Russian children in the first grade are not satisfied with their lives.

All this affects health. In Russia, two of the ten pupils suffer diseases of the nervous system, three out of ten have a stomach ulcer or other digestive diseases, the same — respiratory diseases. Each of the sixth issue of the genitourinary system, every third boy behind in puberty, and 40% of boys have problems with reproductive health.

What is the way out of all this? A way out, it turns out, no no. If the old school, "soviet" sample 82 students from thousands have illnesses caused by malnutrition, in the new schools, including the elite and expensive, because of malnutrition diseases are already 632 pupils per thousand.

However, one lifesaver doctors still found. It is nothing like a normal baby nipple. Ideally you should use special ortoprisposobleniya, but if they do not, the nipple is also quite fit.

The fact that 67% of students have respiratory failure (breathing through the mouth), 61% — a violation of swallowing, 24% — chewing, 15% — of the question. Blame muscle weakness, which is formed due to this whole group of abnormalities that develop later in the disease.

In short, the cure, prevention is better. And the best prevention, it turns out the nipple. According to doctors, the widespread promotion of the nipple and similar devices will be able to radically change the health situation of the younger generation.

Parents as always do not have time for their children, and in our time, is rarely seen mother who feeds the child homemade dinners. However, if the parents are banking on making money, do not pity them for their child, especially when it comes to health. Treatment can then do a lot more. A child can be, for example, take in a pleasing cafe, and not to overpay, buy BIGLION — Orenburg, discount coupons in Orenburg, or in your home town. Conscious parents should realize that no one but they do not care about the health of the child.



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