Russian television channels about the weakness of the Lukashenko regime

Russian electronic media to contribute to the election campaigns of presidential candidates. During the weekend on the main Russian TV channels were shown scenes in which criticized the discriminatory approach to the organization of the election campaign in Belarus. But in Belarus, see these stories was impossible.

Two weeks in a row with a total of "News of the Week" in the state channel RTR disappear materials about the balance of power on the eve of the presidential election: "The candidates vying complain of censorship. One of the main themes — like the air even Russian television in Belarus, local authorities, protecting the protected purity, manage to cut the reports that they do not like? "

Presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov says that he was the victim of censorship: "Plots with my participation were cut, even comments. This is simply unacceptable. But thanks for Russian channels that illustrate the process of the Belarusian company."

It further states that all news releases on Belarusian television invariably begin with Alexander Lukashenko: "And if there is no candidate on the TV, on the radio — not just the democratic choice — sure other candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk. — Election of today can be considered undemocratic."

Leading radyeversii channel "Vesti FM" Vladimir Solovyov notes the variability of the political mood of the Belarusian leadership. For example, from the mouth of Lukashenko can hear that Andrei Sannikov and Nyaklyayeu — "corrupt pro-Russian candidate." But more recently accused the opposition that "zhiruet" on Western money:

Lukashenko also behaves just like razperazany village bully …

"Lukashenko has repeatedly said that the government of the Russian Federation are sponsoring the Belarusian opposition. But that's blasphemy Lukashenko, of course, can not bring to the good. Failure to understand not only the political politeness, but also the norms of human communication is a very big disappointment. Incidentally, in this sense, the very polar style statements Lukashenko and Medvedev calls. Medvedev So with all this undoubtedly correct, he does not allow himself any personal insults and attacks. Lukashenko also behaves just like razperazany village bully. "

The plot of the presidential campaign in Belarus has been featured in the final program "Time" at the First Russian channel: "A month before the election, Alexander Lukashenko with his youngest son goes by region and convinces voters that there is no crisis." It further states that during the election campaign, Lukashenko has raised pensions by 10%, and the minimum wage — by 50%. However, Belarusians do not believe in miracles and wait collapse of the Belarusian currency immediately after the election, or on New Year's night, as it was in 2009.

Referring to the opinion polls, Andrew concludes, in the first round to win the election Lukashenko honestly can not. However, in Minsk, few believe that the counting will be transparent. So not only are preparing for the elections, but the protests. The analysts believe the channel: Belarus today — bankrupt in economic terms, and Lukashenko's regime "is weak as never before."

A decrease in confidence to the citizens of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told Russian television channel and

"The unexpected revolution in public opinion in Belarus — Alexander Lukashenko is losing supporters. Such conclusions made on the eve of the presidential election the Belarusian Center for Independent Social Research. Over the incumbent re ready to vote, only 31% of citizens. 33% were against Lukashenko, another 34% have not undecided. Such views for Belarus — unusual news. Perhaps this is due to the economic situation: more than 40% of the respondents said that in the last year of their financial situation has worsened. "

Russian human rights activist Sergei Kovalev does not believe in the sincerity of the position of the media and the political forces that stand behind them. In his view, it is enough Lukashenko little sprinkle ashes on his head, and the current rhetoric will change back to the "alliance":

Sergei Kovalev

"Probably against Lukashenko in the Kremlin had no say so, as they say against Saakashvili. Pier, only when there will be another president in Georgia, we can (and even certain), we start some kind of relationship, so to speak, enter into the negotiation process. But this — ever. As I think about Lukashenka so will never be told. Yet we still have to write in airports passport control booths — "to the citizens of the Union State." So all this fuss fine — with a series of unpredictable, with those moves, decent people who simply are not analyzed. "

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