Russians freed from forced chipizatsii: The project was too expensive

Universal electronic card, which would replace the passport will not be required. The project proved to be too expensive.

The government has decided to abandon the mandatory issuance of universal electronic cards (UEC), which provides in 2014. UEC had reduced communication of citizens and officials to a minimum and actually replace the passport.

Nikolay Nikiforov, Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of Russia: "Today there is instructed to amend the 210th federal law regarding the deletion of article, which from 1 January 2014 requires the issuance of a mandatory universal-universal e-card."
To receive your card on a voluntary basis will be possible — UEC issue on applications will be maintained, "Interfax". The main cause of failure of the ambitious project is related to its high cost. Earlier, Ministry of Economic Development estimates the cost of issuance of UEC in about 135-165 billion over five years.

NTV.Ru recalls: last fall, Dmitry Medvedev said that the UEC should not just "contain a set of economic opportunities", but also to become a document for you to use was identified person. The head of government stressed that the creation of UEC is "critically important" for Russia.

In fact, the new cards with chips were to replace conventional paper for Russian passports. In addition, provided that the card will pay taxes and penalties, simplify design and replace the passport ticket for public transport.

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