Russias Black Sea shore wind Bora

On the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region celebrated windy weather. Currently synoptic situation in the region is influenced by the gradient margin anticyclone. It is in such a situation noted by local winds — Bora. It is a cold gusty wind blowing down the mountain slope, which in winter is associated significant decrease in temperature. Already in these hours of Novorossiysk wind force reaches 18 m / s.

In the coming days on the Black Sea coast (except for the area of Sochi) remain windy with speeds of 14-19 m / s, in Novorossiysk at night the wind will increase to 20-25 m / s, in the afternoon, 20 September, the wind force will reach 24-29 m / s. According to weather forecasts, Bohr maintained in Novorossiisk until Wednesday.

Recall that in the middle of the year there is 46 days from the Bora, the maximum frequency of the phenomena observed in November, the maximum wind speed at the same time can be up to 40 m / s, in the Novorossiisk, and 60 m / s at Marhotskom pass.

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