Rymashevski repeated theses Michalevic moved to Belarus

November 24 morning radio address sounded presidential candidates Vitaly Rymashevsky and Alexei Mikhalevich. Speech Michalevic was more critical than on television, the main thesis remains Rymasheuski idea of Christian values. About the uniqueness of speeches says Valery Karbalevich

Vitaly Rymashevski
acted on whiteRussian language, although there was a fragment and in Russian.

As in a speech on television, Rymashevski proved to be a good speaker, so no matter what the outcome of this election, we can say that in Belarus there is a new public policies.

He spoke smoothly, almost zbivavsya and quite dramatically and boldly criticized the current government policy, we reveal all the diseases of the Belarusian society. But do not just criticize, but offer a constructive program for all aspects of life: economic, social, political. Of course, the emphasis was on the fact that he is a representative of Christian Democracy, and in Europe, in countries where those in power are the Christian Democrats, people live much better than in Belarus. And, of course, encouraged to join the Belarusian Christian Democracy.

It was a repeat of the theses that were heard before, which was the central idea — Christianity, Christian values, but it has not transformed at all points of the program. That is the idea stood apart, and the program of the candidate did not include these Christian theses: the Christian idea separately, and the program separately. Perhaps it is difficult to was to make, but all the same integrity and kantseptualnastsi this program is not enough.

Alexei Mikhalevich
, speaking on television in Russian, now chose the Belarusian language.

This looked like his performance better than the speech on television. Of course, the format of the other: speaking on the radio, you can read, and so it looked better. A more critical attitude to the current government policy than during a speech on television. There was criticism of the authorities and the opposition: that is, he positioned himself as a kind of third force, which is outside of the conflicting parties.

But, as during his televised address, the speech is also more like a lecture to the students of professor than a statement of the candidate for the presidency. And not only because it lacked public speaking skills, some drive, but also because it calmly, he bred on the shelves, what you need do today, why today's political line is wrong. Well spoken of the economic reforms that are needed — enough said simply, but it really looked like a lecture.



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