Sannikov met with voters in the yard

Society at a private meeting with voters today came presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov. His supporters set up a tent in the street near the market Komorowski, unfurled a white-red-white and European flags, handing out blue ribbons, newspaper interview with the candidate.

Ivashkevich said the marquee on the site will be located at all times during agitation.

"The first day of campaigning, and we decided to start the first picket break in on it, and the day after tomorrow multiply these pickets in other districts of Minsk. Also, in all, at least large cities we we do stationary pickets for the dissemination of information materials. We decided to abandon the raskidvannya to mailboxes and only hand out a hand. This is more efficient and more economical. "

As soon as the tent came Andrei Sannikov, immediately began to gather people.

"Thank you for your support. So, moving forward, the European Belarus! We win, we move! 19th necessarily meet in the square. "

Passers-by were asked a lot of questions Sannikov, expressing their wishes. One of the participants of the meeting said:

"I've stood and listened. You have a very good word, smart. And I think your insides, too, should be. And everything will be fine. "

People also expressed the wish that Sannikov had meetings in the districts of:

"We are such that we can come to where we are called. But many people want you to show up. And it turns out, in some districts, as in the village. A lot of people out there do not know. You know, as we now have information. Who has the capabilities, the Internet, plates — they are up to date. But many people do not know you. This is a big minus. And so we want to have something changed. "

Another citizen said after the meeting:

"I was interested in what many in Belarus, Minsk, besides, do not know the other presidential candidates. Why, I asked? Why they do not reach those remote towns, villages, in which the grandmother goes to the store and saw that the only presidential candidate incumbent President? Well, at least what information there is plenty to choose from, there are still who to vote for, must. It does not exist. "

According to Viktor Ivashkevich, the team is also planning to organize Sannikov mobile pickets, for example, at the entrance of the tractor plant. It is also planned to hold an open-air rallies 20-30 in Minsk and in 15 more cities.


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