Scientists are studying the sounds of Hell, reaching out of the ground in the Kuzbass



In Novokuznetsk recorded anomalous underground noise — akin to "Gulu Earth," which is heard in the year of "doomsday" around the world.

Fresh record hum of August 4, 2012. Novokuznetsk



In the Kuzbass recorded "sound of the Apocalypse." "Goole Earth", which is all over the world is called "Sounds of the Apocalypse" and "Sounds of Hell", are increasingly heard in several parts of the world.
It is believed that the first time he recorded in the Soviet years on the Kola Peninsula, where drillers went for a world record and drilled the deepest well in the world — have gone deep into the Earth at 12 km 262 meters. And by conducting research there — by the temperature and composition of the earth's crust, including — included microphone. A recording made in the ultradeep all plunged into shock. Rushed from the microphone so scary and chilling screams and moans that they immediately dubbed "Sounds of Hell." Then the information is dispersed around the world, it is exposed, it maintained.

Audio recording of an interview with one of the scientists



But ever since the world began to pay attention to the obscure "Buzz Earth", count signals. And in the last year — especially horrified by their sharply increased number.

For example, "Gul Earth" heard, for example, in London, in Kiev (and, for the whole day!) In the Urals. And for the first time — in Kuzbass.

Roman Ovchinnikov, a resident of the district Novoiliynskiy Novokuznetsk, posted on You Tube recording made on Saturday night, marked "Earth's hum, Novokuznetsk." And weathered shared feelings:

— ..woke up at night from the strong monotonous hum. It's really scary … decided to record on camera and share. Online weight of such records from different corners of the Earth. Now, as they say, "and we" … what could it be? Changing the Earth's poles? .. Aliens? .. New weapons?

Everyone who listened to the tape then Roman, shall be:

— The monotonous drone, even after a long time to continue to "sound" in the ears. And it causes a feeling of depression, anxiety, drives the depression.

… But if the sound — a harbinger of doom, recorded in other times and in other parts of the world, witnesses compared with the buzz of a powerful pipe or a groan of the Earth, looking like the description in the biblical texts and Apocrypha, the novokuznechane who heard him more inclined to compare with the sound of the aircraft, hung over his head for a long time and is not in any departures. But it is — it is impossible.

And now — just one kuzbassovtsev believe that "Sounds of Hell" were heard in the Kuzbass.

Others — such as in the leadership of the Kuzbass Metropolis, just absolutely do not believe — not in the sounds, the harbingers of doom.

Third — they are trying to find at least some man-made explanation. As explained by "KP" on the most powerful enterprise Kemerovo — on "Nitrogen", "… it seems to industrial emissions into the atmosphere, and no, because the sound of" our "emissions — is another."

Version Kuzbass scientists

Gennady Zaitsev — classic Kemerovo physicist, teacher. After many years of work at the university he never brushed off the unexplained and the paranormal, at first glance, the phenomena. I always figured out the riddle of another nature.

After hearing record "Sounds of the Apocalypse" from Novokuznetsk, Gennady admitted:

— These sounds — even more — less. But other recording of "Stone's Land" made in other places, there is nothing even, gentle, but still — scary. But they all have the explanation.

In this audio — recorded sounds from Hell from the Kola Peninsula, they sound with 0.39 to 1.17.



…According to Gennady Zaitsev, the cause of the "Sounds of the Apocalypse" — is not that the court — in 2012, with the promised ancient Mayan calendar end of the world — in December.

— Just our earth's crust consists of tectonic plates, which are always in motion. Their speed is very small. It is quite possible, when they move — there's a sound. But he did not hear everywhere. For example, in the district of Tuva is the imposition of tectonic plates, superimposing them on one another. And because they are misaligned, then, of course, will rub in the same way as moving the bow on the string violin. That is, the friction and creates sound. if there is a cavity in the earth's crust, not far from the surface (under Novokuznetsk — the same former mine), it acts as a resonator with a guitar or a violin. Amplifies the sound. And people are beginning to hear it.

But the people who walk in the belief that the "Sounds of the Apocalypse" appear when there is a regular displacement of the magnetic poles, Gennady Zaitsev denied:

— Reversal, indeed, the planet is already a long time, very slowly, she was seen even 50 years ago. But it does not produce sound.

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