Scientists have created a shark repellent device for sound waves

 Sonar device created by specialists of engineering school of the Far Eastern Federal University (Palo), will make the beaches of Primorye safe from sharks, scaring them by sound waves, told RIA Novosti the school director, doctor of technical sciences, Alexander Becker.

In the second half of August 2011 in Primorye were three cases of attacks akulna vacationers. Since August 17, the predator attacked a 25-year-old Dennis Udovenko Telyakovskii at bay, bit off his hands. A day later, on 18 August, the island Zheltukhina shark attacked a 16-year-old diver, biting his legs. At the end of August on the "wild" beach at the village of Slav in the Khasan district predatory fish has bitten a local resident for the forearm.

Due to the challenges that this government ordered the Primorye Territory beaches provide special protective netting.

"Currently, the School of Engineering specialists are testing Palo sonar device that using sound waves can frighten fish, including — sharks. Now we have a few prototypes, they have already been successfully tested in the sea," — said the source.

According to him, these developments take place underwater acoustics Palo for other purposes for several years.

"These devices are also useful for environmental purposes — in oil field to restrict access to the water intake of fish, and — through the Ministry of Emergency Situations," — said Becker.

He said that the principle of the device is based on the periodic distribution of special sound waves. Fish can not tolerate these sounds and goes to great distances from their source. In this case, the automatic mode, the unit is completely environmentally friendly product.

"We do not promote our product while being tested, but in the near future are open to offers. Since it is not very difficult to design a device, we are ready to put it on the streaming production engineering school Palo", — he added.

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