Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. X-Men (1/11/2012)

November 1, 2012 18:00

Anna Chapman, deported last year from the U.S. because of the Russian-amerikaskogo spy scandal, is now a TV show on the channel Ren-TV. The "Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman" is dedicated to the most mysterious phenomena of our time. It is no coincidence that the host of the program was the most mysterious woman of our time. Only on REN TV she would use his talents to reveal the most intricate hoaxes. The creators of the program say: this format — experimental. New intriguing genre. The program is filmed at a completely new hardware, which Russian television in creating television programs did not work. "As long as it is safe to say is that all the material in this program will be exclusive and in contemporary Russian television can only appear on REN TV." — Adds the director of the Documentary and journalistic programs TUKMACHEV Michael.

Graves of the great figures of culture are increasingly being kidnapped … skulls! Why they are interested in the strange "collectors"? What mystical power have different parts of the human body?

Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. X-Men (1/11/2012)
Year: 2012
Genre: Documentary
Issued: Russia
Director: Igor Prokopenko

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