Session before New Year Astrology

December 30, 2011 16:41

The coming year will be a year of the Water Dragon on the eastern calendar. What does this mean in terms of astrology? What surprises will present us with this mythical creature? This leading "Morning of Russia" asked the rector of Moscow Academy of Astrology Michael Levin.

First, it is worth noting that the coming year — a leap year. It is believed that other leap years difficult. But in our country the year of Dragon will not be the heavy, promised astrologer.

"Dragon — is something bright, creative, mobile. That we fire-breathing dragon and the Chinese dragon — hilarious. In Russia, the dragon is considered by some terrible monster, and the Chinese dragon — it is a living, creative heavenly creature that has all the joy, "- he said. So creative, active people bring a good luck dragon, but for the inert, passive people a year can be difficult.

Water — element that protects the coming year, due to the emotional sphere, with our feelings. "For the people living, emotional, it will be a very bright year, — said Michael Levine. — But for a pocket in the coming year, we must hold, with the money should be more careful. I think that in the second half of the year we will have financial difficulties. "

There is a tradition that the new year must meet the color of the element and the element that patronize year. Although Dragon comes to us black, to celebrate the holiday in the color of mourning astrologer advises. "Black — the color of insulation, isolation. Therefore, instead of a black nice blue color. Dragon generally likes to live bright colors, but the main thing — not to make yourself a traffic light, "- he said. New Year is the perfect dress costume of dark blue, dark purple, magenta, diluted what some striking features.

As for the specific changes that will bring Dragon whatever the zodiac, the most interesting changes await Pisces and Scorpios. "It is much easier life would be Libra. Taurus lucky socially, they will be more successful. Improve their financial position. And the fish, especially the young, starts very emotional period — the era of love, "- said the astrologer. Rams, according to him, also waiting quite interesting changes, especially for creative people.

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