Several neighborhoods Bratsk suffer from the invasion of rats

According to local residents, the rodents feel themselves masters in residential areas, which is very scary citizens. Their fear of people.

Helium Uncovered, a resident of Bratsk:
— They walk and climb to the 3rd floor. Going home — they fly. Is this life? They are carriers of infection! Children go. They are afraid. Machine crushed. Wipers themselves screaming from them. Come and knock to escape.

Rats began to appear frequently in the 22nd district, the streets Kurchatov Mukhanov, Gagarin, in the 7th district in energy, as in the Central Market.

In this case, two times a year specialists poison rats, only this year spent 2.5 tons of poison. But according to experts, should be held more frequently deratisatioin — not 2 times a year, and every month. In addition, management companies allocate enough money to fight rodents.

Specialists utilities say that perhaps rats have become accustomed to chemicals. It is therefore necessary to develop new methods to buy new tools to combat them.

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