Shaman animated main elements of the door to the future

December 18, 2012 22:59

Golden Drum alive. In Chelyabinsk, the presentation of the main element of the "Gateway to the Future." As you know, Kirovka making huge sculpture made of ice the size of a three-story house. "Gateway to the Future" will be opened on December 21.

Activated drum, so to speak, the whole world. The organizers invited representatives of different nationalities, organized an exhibition of engravings "Magic Drum" famous artist Valery Khasanov material for which the author collected in the world. And under the arch of this tent, surrounded by paintings, heard sounds of African, Bashkir, Azerbaijan, Gypsy, Russian and other drums. The recovery is well named "magic sound." "When the shaman sings, he performs special prayers — explains Tyurgen Kam, a shaman. — It is believed that the tool itself is very good heals, helps people. "

Grand building — grand tambourine. Goal to become a tool diameter — half a meter. During manufacture metal construction a few people a few days covered in gold leaf and make a drawing. As a result, gold-plated instrument hung in the center of the gate. Hit it, you can enter in the future and make a wish. "Tambourine emits very low and deep sound that diverges in the universe and guarantees the fulfillment of the desire of who really wants it fulfilled," — says Victor Markunasov, sculptor, creator of the golden drum.

Chance to move into the future is a once in a life, and not even in each. To pass through the "gate" and hit the drum may be one or friends, family and colleagues. Opening sculpture planned for 12 hours 21 minutes 21 December. And when people believed in, making a secret wish, Chelyabinsk truly enter a new era.

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