Should be in Russia formulated a national idea? (Poll)

Should be formulated in Russian national idea?  (Poll)Speaking about the development RF, often on the front is the question of the presence or absence in this country of the national idea. The very emergence of this issue is building quite tangible boundary between supporters of the existence of the national idea and opponents of such ideas in any of its images. The need to express their ideas regarding the state ideology is often asked and senior managers of the country, whether it is an open line of communication the president or prime minister to the people, or some studio discussion in which to have a conversation with the authorities invited journalists.

The historical path of the national idea in our country such as the thread that following certain public, political, ethical canons torn because in Russia there is a period of chaos. Normal Is this coincidence or actually interrelated actions — it is difficult to read, but specifically the trend observed at different times in the spaces of our country.

For example, we can point out a few events in the history of the country.

Event 1st — feudal fragmentation in Russia, where the state the idea of unity of the Slavic people, which in a form began to take shape after the Baptism of Rus, simply drowned in the desire of individual rulers to get maximum power even with a minimum of their own abilities. The idea of Slavic disintegration, in which each specific principality became a carrier of their own social and political norms, and government — the only speak out so that the legitimate vicegerent of God on earth, has divided almost half-humans into warring among themselves groups. The coming of the Mongols on Russia — a typical full apogee of fragmentation, which indicates that the lack of a unified development ideas for the Russian Federation can just put an end to its independence.

Second event — the revolutionary period 1905-1917. In Russia blows European political and social winds. The idea of a patriarchal monarchy, which is based on the belief begins to severe cracks. People began to lose that platform, which allowed it to exist for centuries ingrained principles. In other words, the age-old idea of public service to God and to the monarch, who considered the Russian Federation for more than a classic, began to experience irreversible metamorphosis and, in the end, simply vanished into the realities of modern times.

Change the definition and values. The fact that for centuries was called the Russian monarchy, became known as the autocratic tsarist government, something that previously seemed classical religiosity, suddenly became the opium of the people. But human psychology, and in particular the crowd is such that even a change of signage can play most severely on values. For obvious reasons, the government took a brand new idea, which seems to be something normal and absorbed (the ideas of brotherhood, equality, service to the Fatherland), but that's the way this latest planting ideas were chosen, to put it mildly, is not completely mating with traditional knowledge adequacy. The country finally got the latest national (or, rather, the idea of a supranational), which was called the building of communism, but, as is often the case, the cost of the newest ideas was very superior.

Third event — the collapse of the Union of Russian. Country experienced a loss of the usual landmarks. It turned out that such a result as communism, who won the state taken separately, at this stage of development is unattainable. Instead of people catapulted the idea of some adjustment path of future development under the epic title, which is now understood without translation, even the inhabitants of Africa, — restructuring. Nationwide idea of equality was gradually reduced to the appearance of stratification in society. Such municipal religion as atheism has to give way to the so-called religion novoveruyuschih. Fashion for visiting the temples yesterday the party bosses, not so long ago labeled as "the opium of the people", reached his own climax. Now branded with an entirely different principles, and from that concept as a national idea disown forever.

Now this process takes. Nationwide idea gave way to the idea of personalized. Excellent if it is either as bad — a philosophical question, and so the answer is each their own.

The very notion of personal landmarks — certainly, an important thing. But, to the chagrin of bolshennomu, often personal landmarks of 1 person and strive to get into the field of personal guidance of another person. Code that "my freedom ends where another person's freedom begins," in the modern Russian Federation is far from being met. Although in this case, in the history of our country, perhaps, there was a period when the principle is fully marked and well produced. To solve this problem of very difficult, because if there is a tacit permission to "full freedom" to which our society is "bestowed" in the early 90's, that modern man is difficult to follow certain principles of the public.

Differentiation as a social phenomenon, now produces not only a confrontation between members of separate ethnic groups and religions, and comes to clashes inside seems to be a common socio-cultural group. Personal landmarks are increasingly do not look at the other as a very weird motto: our life is very short, because of the need to take all of life. It is sad, but it seems that the motto of a certain number of modern people (especially the young) is not perceived by the other as the one thought, to be followed, and from which it would be better not to give up.

When Vladimir Putin asked about the idea of a nationwide, he quoted the words of writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn that the government of the Russian Federation for the thought may be, quote, saving people. And it's not only about the demographic situation in the country. Saving people — is a set of measures that should be focused on the formation of the rod, allowing each of the Russians understand that his personality is crucial for the development of the country. If man understands its significant social role, it completely may be the beginning for both personal and as a result of social development.

But where do you start this "savings", that lofty words about the state (or supranational), the idea did not become a set of empty sounds, as so often happens in our country. In this case, you must start with a brain that is present in every normal person — a family. Support for family values, care for mothers and children — seemingly impossibly hackneyed word, but no matter how trite and hackneyed they may seem — without defining the role of the family in the Russian society, read about its development is not necessary. At a time when we are trying to impose against the will of tolerance towards same-sex relations, to moral licentiousness encouraged by certain forces, the classic family values are in particular need of protection.

Another value may seem too obvious, but it specifically allows a person to feel vsepolnotsennym member of a healthy society. We are talking about providing jobs that meet modern requirements. Specifically, the work brings gratification, is capable of performing one of the components of a national idea. Unemployment, as you know, is one of the causes of impermanence in a number of regions of Russia, especially in the North Caucasus. When a person has no legitimate grounds of ability to
feed himself and his family, he has a desire for self-actualization in the criminal environment. Unallocated and devoid of the ability to engage in productive labor population — a good ground for the spread of separatist views, ultra-radical thoughts of different directions. And the realization that man is even easier to provide decent job rather than later to pull out of his hand gun, should be the determining factor in state politics.

The State (supra-national) thought — Is, of course, the development of education, health and defense. None country The world can not grow at a constant decrease in the level of education, the fall of the properties provided medical services and dilemmas related to the protection of their own borders. One may talk about the fact that high-quality configuration in at least some of these industries can wait, but only a "waiting" at some point, can lead to very sad consequences.

It is necessary to build all of these reasons to the rank of state idea, or simply restrict their everyday incarnation in reality — an issue which for Russia can be considered decisive. History indicates that we are able to mobilize their abilities only when we have before us is the exact purpose, which at times looked simply unworkable. In the unlikely event, we will continue, to use the language of sport, play for a draw, waiting for that someone he would take each of us by the hand and show up rovnenky road.

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