Sinkhole in Tver

Because of the failure of soil blocked traffic on the street Pasha Savelevoj in Tver. The main problem is that the accident happened in the area in the middle of the roadway. Partially offset by the movement of vehicles and trolleybuses stopped at all — in the "Youth" they temporarily do not go. According to public utilities, work is being done around the clock, but the timing of their completion once again postponed.

This is the third failure in the street Pasha Savelyeva for the last month. Ground sank, gravity sewers seriously damaged. In concrete pipe diameter of 700 millimeters a crack. Eliminate the breakthrough is not easy. The depth of the pit — 6 meters.

To work in such an environment is not safe. At any moment can be a landslide. The ground water level is reduced drainage pumps. Transfer flow is bypassing the damaged area. But the main problem — the repair is on the road.

Traffic, which is now trying to eliminate accidents, is extremely difficult. Especially during peak hours are accumulated huge amount of cars, creating a difficult situation on the road.

For many residents of the neighborhood "Youth", especially retirees, to get to the center of Tver — a big problem. Movement is limited. Trolley buses are not running.

Diagnostics showed: in addition to the reservoir is damaged storm sewer system, which serves the MUP "housing office." Repairs delayed. No comments were MUP "housing office" was not given.

According to experts, wear damaged pipe — 80%. To replace 10 meters. Will apply new technologies.

Taking Fatkhutdinov, General Director of "Tver Vodokanal" said: "Choosing a pipe that pitted gas corrosion, and we will put the plastic."

In place of the failure will be heavy equipment to fortify the soil.

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