Six year old girl came to life after the coma a different person


After a car accident six year old girl from California Zoe Bernstein spent in a coma for about a month. And when I came, was quite unlike the old self.

Before the accident, it was a happy, healthy, obedient child. On that day, she was put in the family pick-up and fastened as required by safety regulations. On the way, at some point, her father lost control and crashed into a pole. Zoe with a fractured skull was taken to the hospital. A month baby woke up. Her mother claims that the identity of the girl has completely changed.

Can a brain injury to "settle" the other person inside of you? Let's deal.

How serious the injury is Zoe?

"She had to relearn how to eat, use the toilet, brush your teeth, put on one's shoes — absolutely everything — said the mother. — When Zoe came to, she could not speak. We started from the ground up. "

What is the personality change?

"She became a different person. Zoya has developed the so-called "attention deficit disorder". Exemplary child has turned into a little hooligan. Although, maybe it's not such a bad thing — after the accident she became more like their peers. On the other hand — it's a different girl, and she, the old Zoe, who was before the accident, most likely, will never return. "

Have you ever had anything like this with other people?

Cases of personality changes as a result of injury, although extremely rare, but do happen.

Two years ago, survived a car accident 13-year-old Croat. In her case, coma lasted 24 hours. When he awoke, she found that fluent in German. Prior to that, the girl tried to learn the language at school — but, to put it mildly, without much success.

Twenty-six macho, frequenter of pubs and rugby player Chris Birch from Britain fell into a coma in 2011, after a strong impact during training. "When I came to, I realized very quickly that I had to change the orientation. I was gay, and took it as a matter of course. "

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