Snow depth in Minsk beat postwar record

Drifts have reached 35 centimeters. In the postwar period meteorological closest mark was only in 1958, when the snow cover is 33 cm.

In the coming days, forecasters predict a new storm, and by the end of the week waiting for the capital and ice thaw, reports STV.

January 4, Belarus will remain in the area of low pressure at night through the republic will be inactive atmospheric front. Expected clouds. At night, in large parts of the daytime places will be sunny. Night and morning fog in some areas, frost. On the roads in some places sleet. South-west wind moderate. Night temperature -6 .. -12 ° C, with clearings to -14 ° C at night, -3 .. -9 ° C.

Over the next two days, January 5-6, in Belarus remain winter weather pattern. January 5th republic will be under the influence of atmospheric fronts, shifting from Western Europe. So at night in most of the daytime in the north-east of the country will be snow showers. January 6 with an increase in atmospheric pressure precipitation stops, only in certain areas is still possible snow showers. Patchy fog, frost. On some sections of roads icy. Prevailing air temperature at night -8 .. -14 ° C, cloudy Temperature can drop to -15 .. -18 ° C during the day -4 .. -11 ° C, according to MeteoInfo.

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