Something exploded over Wales


Hundreds of people of Wales have seen an explosion of a meteor in the night sky, the newspaper The Telegraph. According to them, a ball of fire rapidly swept over their heads and broke out over the roofs of their houses, forcing the glass and causing a shiver synchronous triggering car alarms.

"I've never seen anything so amazing. He left a very bright white and orange mark", — said a local resident Nathan Jones. "It was a bright white ball with a long bright tail, possibly with a green tint. It was brighter than the moon," — says Hannah Sebido.

The police also say that a meteor caused a flurry of excited calls to local residents. In turn, an astrophysicist David Whitehouse suggested that it was part of the space rocks, which burned down during passage through the Earth's atmosphere. According to him, the fallen meteorite did not present any risk to humans.

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