Spill on the Angara can significantly degrade the ecology of the river — WWF

 Oil spill on the Angara can significantly degrade the ecological status of the water catchment area, told RIA Novosti Head of Environmental Policy, the fuel and energy complex of Russia Alexei Knizhnikov WWF.

"Intensive industrial activity on the Angara has already led to the fact that the sediments in some parts of the river is so polluted that even dredging it can not be made, because it can lead to a strong recovery from the depths of various pollutants. And the fact that we observe the second case of contamination Angara this year only adds to fears that the poor condition and so much worse Angara, "- he said.

Spot width of three to four meters and a length of up to four kilometers along the right bank canals curve was found on Wednesday night, June 27, in the waters of the Angara River, said the administration Angarsk municipality. Oil spill on the Angara River near Irkutsk is not a threat to the population, reported the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According Knizhnikov, experience from past spills showed that "the effective oil spill response in the hangar no."

At the spill site are specialists Rospotrebnadzor, East Siberian river navigation, defense and emergency services Angarsk municipality, interiors, prosecutors, district authorities, and representatives of the Angarsk site Inspection Center GIMS MES of Russia in the Irkutsk region. Now trapped in the duct oil eliminated through booms and sorbents. The situation is under control GUMCHS Russia's Irkutsk region.

Cause of the incident, the potential offender, the amount of environmental damage are established by the investigating authorities.

As previously reported, with reference to the administration of the Angarsk MO, presumably, a spot was formed as a result of self-propelled dredge barge, leading in the area of gravel extraction. Around the barge oil spill was a diameter of about 100 meters. Rospotrebnadzor experts took water samples for analysis. The results showed an excess of harmful substances in the water of 1.5.

In late April, a local oil pipeline FSI "Combine Rosrezerva Baikal" was found illegal Box. She was in the immediate vicinity of the reservoir stormwater Ltd. "Usolyechimprom" — that is on it more than 300 tons of oil got into the Angara. As a result, without clean water from the water for nearly a week were more than 77 thousand inhabitants Cheremkhovo district of Irkutsk region. Rosprirodnadzor assessed the damage from getting oil into the Angara to 510.7 million rubles.

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