Star of the Milky Way can kill Earth


At any moment it can flow gamma rays burn the planet. The next issue of the "Military Secret Igor Prokopenko" on REN TV will talk about the most dangerous star in the Milky Way galaxy. It is called the Star Wolf — Rayet star WR 104. In 2009, Australian astronomers as a result of eight years of observations of this star have come to the conclusion that it is an exceptional threat to humanity.

Star Wolf — Rayet star WR 104 is 8 thousand light-years from Earth in the constellation Sagittarius. At any moment, it can shoot a powerful stream of gamma rays that can reach the Earth. The distant star can be a killer and turn the planet into a sort of Venus. Astronomers have calculated the probable age of the star dangerous. It turned out that she had already outlived its time and in the next century could explode.

Predict exactly how the explosion of a star Wolf — Rayet star WR 104 will impact on the planet Earth, it is impossible. We only know that at the time of the death of the fireball from the blast waves it will come helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. They will be thrown out into space in huge quantities and with a force like a powerful nuclear explosion. In what direction will head the blast — a mere accident. All depends on where the fly flows formed in the explosion of the substances to be curled in a spiral.

Moreover, if the Earth did not get lucky and one of these streams reaches its surface, the damage is no less than that of the atomic bomb, several hundred thousand times greater than the ones that were dropped during World War II on Japan. Such an attack would have only on that part of the world, which will be closer to the wave particles.

But the disastrous consequences overtaken all the inhabitants of the planet, without exception. If you take a hit continent simply burn out in just a minute, the rest of the planet will suffer from instant destruction of the ozone layer. Just a few days it takes to see that nothing is protected atmosphere of the planet has warmed by more than 30 degrees. Tropical countries, where the temperature and now reaches +50 ° C, will be completely livable. Part of the water simply evaporates in the coldest parts of the world — at the poles — will start melting island and continental glaciers, sea levels will rise by about 70 meters. Because of this, many coastal cities and even countries will simply go under the water.

On this and many other things you can find in the "Military Secret Igor Prokopenko" on August 13 at 20.00 on REN TV.

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