State television does not mention the names of candidates

Yesterday in the news three national television channels in the state on registration of candidates was announced by the main information: who is fighting for the presidency.

"Central Election Commission registered 10 presidential candidates, among them the current head of state Alexander Lukashenko. Today received a certificate of the candidate, leader of the group, Alexander Radkov … "

So for the first channel yesterday informed the audience about the main events of the week — the registration of candidates for the post of president. The names of Lukashenko's opponents were not called at all. Only in the final news release and the 21 th to name names Lukashenko added Neklyaeva Rymasheuski and that on that day they came to the meeting of the CEC. In order to soften the fact that Lukashenko ignored Presentation of candidate identity, Channel One reported that the three men were absent at the meeting.

On the TV channel ONT story about registering called "the CEC said names of the presidential candidates," but the channel did not give their names, citing only Lukashenko. On the STV channel does not name a single candidate's name.

What is the cause of such an approach, whether it is a reflection of the editorial policy? This question of "Freedom" asked the administration of the First Channel. Replied spokesman Belgosteleradiokompanii Svetlana Smolonskaya-Kraskovskaya:

Enumeration of all 10 candidates in one news story would lead to over-tightening and complexity of perception.

"Building a news story due not only newsworthy, but the type and presentation of information, which should be extremely dynamic and short. If we consider the richness and accessibility of information on the elections in the official sources, the enumeration of all 10 candidates in one news story would lead to excessive delay and complexity of perception. "

Mrs. Smolonskaya-Kraskovskaya argues that silence names of the candidates is not the position management BT:

"It is not the policy of the channel, in fact, a lot of information on the candidates in other sources, including and formal, which is the site of the CEC, where have all the information. "

At yesterday's ceremony, one of the opposition candidates Gregory Kastusyou declared unequal conditions in the state media for opposition candidates in comparison with Lukashenko. So Mr. Kastusyou not surprised your TV:

"It is clear that this is not normal when state television the most important political event of Belarus illuminate this way. This is what I said yesterday after receiving the certificate of registration — the candidates are at a disadvantage. It has reaffirmed my words. The very same BT has confirmed it. "

Independent television journalist Leonid Mindlin convinced that suppress the names of Lukashenko's opponents in the election — it is the policy of the authorities:

"It seems to me that this does not work of journalists, this technique is a style that's an order. On every professional canons of political canons, if they are ten, the name of all. There is no error or free steps journalists didand no. I also drew attention to it. "

According to Mindlin, on Belarusian state television channels are institutions that function as propaganda departments who give such orders. Belarusian TV channels, according to Mindlin, in general, is not the media and means of propaganda.


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